This is the Origin of the Dota Hero that Kids Nowadays Don’t Know

This is the Origin of the Dota Hero that Kids Nowadays Don’t Know

If we look at history, Dota 2 comes from Dota 1 which is a custom map from the game Warcraft. Because of its long history, do you understand the name of the Dota 2 hero from the Dota 1 era?

The names of Dota 2 heroes that are popular today like Anti-Mage, Phantom Assassin, Puck, and others are already familiar to the players. But what if someone mentions the name of a hero like Rizzrak, Na’ix, or Krobelus? Kids nowadays don’t know for sure! In Dota 1, hero names are still quite tied to stories from Warcraft itself, so many names with meanings are quite foreign to players who haven’t played the original game dota

The History of the Origin of Dota 2 Hero Names

The name of the origin of the next Dota hero is often juxtaposed with a title that at least describes their nature, for example, Lord of Olympia, Stone Giant, etc. Unfortunately, Blizzard, the party that claims to have the rights to Dota 1, had a dispute with Valve who wanted to develop Dota 2. Long story short, Valve made sure to use an alternative name and not the original name of the Dota hero known in Dota 1.

Therefore, you will not find unique hero names like Rootfallen, Traxex, or Aggron again in the Dota 2 game because Valve has made sure not to use them. The ensuing dispute also changed the fundamental thing in the meaning of Dota 2, namely changing the two angry factions. In Dota 1, the next two factions are Sentinel and Scourge. In Dota 2 changed to Radiant and Dire. So, for those of you kids nowadays who haven’t had the chance to experience Dota 1, here is a complete list of the names of Dota 2 heroes so you won’t be confused anymore! Check it out!

Origin of Sentinel Faction Hero Dota
Rexxar the Beastmaster
Kardel Sharpeye the Dwarven Sniper
Aiushtha the Enchantress
Bradwarden the Centaur Warchief
Yurnero the Juggernaut
Puck the Faerie Dragon
Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker
Syllabear the Lone Druid
Chen the Holy Knight
Purist Thunderwrath the Omniknight
Luna Moonfang the Moon Rider
Ezalor the Keeper of the Light
Mangix the Pandaren Brewmaster
The Morphlings
Zeus the Lord of Olympia
Sven the Rogue Knight
Slithice the Naga Siren
Furion the Nature’s Prophet
Tiny the Stone Giant
Azwraith the Phantom Lancer
Northrom the Silencer
Cairne Bloodhoof the Tauren Chieftain (Elder Titan)
Mirana the Priestess of the Moon
Lina Inverse the Slayer
Rooftrellen the Treant Protector
Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin
Raijin Thunderkeg the Storm Spirit
Io the Guardian Wisp
Jah’rakal the Troll Warlord
Alleria the Windrunner
Razzil Darkbrew the Alchemist
Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter
Thrall the Disruptor
Rattletrap the Clockwerk Goblin
Traxex the Drow Ranger
Aggron Stonebreak the Ogre Magi
Davion the Dragon Knight
Lanaya the Templar Assassin
Squee Spleen plus Spoon the Goblin Techies
Huskar the Sacred Warrior
Ulfsaar the Ursa Warrior
Jakiro the Twin Head Dragon
Rigwarl the Bristleback
Shendelzare Silkood the Vengeful Spirit
Boush the Tinker
Icarus the Phoenix
Gondar the Bounty Hunter
Rhasta the Shadow Shaman
Ymir the Tuskarr
Xin the Ember Spirit
Rubick the Grand Magus
Tresdin the Legion Commander
Rylai Crestfall the Crystal Maiden
Dragonus the Skywrath Mage
Rizzrak the Goblin Shredder (Timbersaw)
Anti-Mage the Magina
Kael the Invoker
Kunkka the Admiral
Kaolin the Earth Spirit bonus new member