vivo X Note

7″ vivo X Note with SD 8 Gen 1 unveiled, SD870-powered vivo Pad follows

Vivo X Note: Vivo launches a tablet and telephone the size of a tablet today. Vivo X note is very large with a 7 “screen and the round side cannot make the device you use with one hand. If you want to go bigger and maybe add a QWERTY stylus and keyboard, the Vivo pad has covered.

Vivo X Note

Juggernaut has a 7 “Samsung E5 AMOLED Display with QHD + resolution, which gives you a lot of space for multitasking. This screen has an unusual aspect ratio of 21:10 (resolution of 3,080 x 1,440 px), but Vivo believes this is superior to media consumption And multitasking. It shouldn’t surprise you, but DisplayMate gives a record + score. The screen promises 1,500 nits brightness of the peak and the coverage of DCI-P3 at 112%.

Hidden behind the scenes is a large ultrasonic fingerprint reader (3D Sonic Max from Qualcomm), as in Iqoo 8 Pro. FP Reader is very large so it can read two fingerprints at the same time – actually, only that if you want more security (two fingerprints increase the security by 50,000 times compared to only one, Vivo said). To help with colour accuracy, there is a colour temperature sensor installed on the front.

Fingerprint readers on Vivo X Note can read two moulds simultaneously for extra security

Return to multitasking, Vivo X Note records are powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, there is no surprise here. The basic configuration has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage so you can play poker online freely. You can get a unit with 12GB RAM instead or exit with version 12/512GB. Security is enhanced using the “Safe processing unit” (SPU) on the Snapdragon chip (first time for the company).

Vivo X Note

The chipset is cooled by a large steam room (47,132 mm²) and graphite sheets. Borrowing from Iqoo Playbook once again, the GPU output can be fed through the MEMC algorithm to increase the frame rate without adding extra load on the GPU.

The Vivo X Note has a 5,000 mAh battery with 80W wired and 50W wireless charging

The note came carrying a quad-camera behind. It features 50MP ISOCELL GN1 – 1 / 1.3 “, original pixels 1.2μm, 2.4μm with binning. Combined with a bright F / 1.57 aperture, this camera will excel in low light photography. The Zeiss logo tucked into the corner cannot escape, the lens is officially branded “Zeiss Vario-Tessar” and has an anti-reflective layer.

There is also a periscope on board with a 125mm focal length (aperture f / 3.4), which is 5x optical enlargement (and up to 60x digital zoom). For medium distance zoom and portrait, there is a 12 MP module (IMX663) with a lens of 47 mm (F / 2.0), which functions to the magnification of 2x In addition, there is a 48 MP Ultra Wide-Angle Camera with 14 mm lens (114 °). All of this is supported by the Special Vivo V1 ISP, which has enough strength to run facial detection even if you take a photo of a group of 30 people.

Rather disappointing, the battery that makes this Behemoth Situs Slot Gacor rather small – only has a capacity of 5,000 mAh. It’s fast to charge at 80W via wire and at 50W wirelessly, but we still expect more than a large device intended for electricity users.

The Note is available in three colours: Blue, Black and Gray. All three have a leather texture with faux stitching on the back, plus a full-width camera panel similar to the Vivo X70 Pro+ (and presumably the upcoming X80 Pro+).

The base Vivo X Note (8/256 GB) starts at CNY 6,000 ($940/€865/₹71,400). Getting 12 GB of RAM is CNY 500 extra, the fully loaded 12/512 GB model is CNY 7,000 ($1,100/€1,010/₹83,400). Additionally, you can pick up a 50W wireless charger for CNY 100 (until April 24, $16/€14/₹1,200). Also, Vivo Care is temporarily discounted and is CNY 470 for the Vivo X Note ($74/€68/₹5,600).

Vivo X Note pricing

You can reserve a Vivo X Note today, sales start on April 15 (Friday). Also on Friday, Vivo will launch a limited edition Vivo X Note Aerospace packed inside a gift box.

Vivo Pad

If you want to go bigger, the Vivo pad offers a screen of 11 “at Kickstand for a closer experience with a laptop than a special tablet.

This screen also has a 120 Hz refresh speed, the resolution is 2.560 x 1,600. It supports Dolby Vision and speakers support Dolby Atmos for a very good multimedia experience. Interestingly, next to the camera facing forward on the front is a 3D TOF sensor. The stylus is supported and can distinguish between 4,096 pressure levels.

Vivo Pad is powered by Snapdragon 870 and runs a new branch of Vivo software, Dubbed OS HD. One feature is neat using NFC to pair your Vivo X Note phone with the pad, which will reflect the appearance of the cellphone on the tablet. Then you can interact with the phone application and easily transfer files between the two devices.

The USB-C port is rated for USB 3.2 Gen1 speeds (5 Gbps), so you can attach fast storage and external displays – up to 4K at 60 Hz.

The USB-C port can output 4K video at 60 Hz to drive an external display

The pad is quite slim with a thickness of 6.55 mm, made of aluminium flight class and weighs 498g. You will not see the antenna line pampering clean lines of this slate, instead, Vivo hides an antenna under the screen using technology developed at home. 8040 mAh tablet battery supports 44W fast charging.

Vivo Pad continues pre-order in China today and will be available from the 15 (Friday). Base 8/128 GB Version CNY 2,500 ($ 390 / € 360 / ₹ 29,800), unit 8/256 GB will go for CNY 3,000 ($ 470 / € 435 / ₹ 35,700). Well, it’s not enough, the slate will pragmaticplay be a little discount when it is launched so that two versions will cost CNY 2,300 and CNY 2,900, respectively. You will find a Vivo X Note device on
The company’s official shop is also small as other retailers.

Pricing for Vivo Pad and accessories (note: there is a small launch discount for the Pad)

The stylus cost CNY 350 ($55/€50/₹4,200), the keyboard is CNY 600 ($94/€87/₹7,200) and you will probably want the CNY 200 ($32/€29/₹2,400) flip case with that as well. bonus new member