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Why the sound division to understand music aesthetics

Is the sound engineer only for the control of the sound equipment? Of course not. To become a senior stage sound division, not only beats headphones cheap requires the electronics, acoustics, audio science, natural sound effects and electro-acoustic technology and many other professional knowledge, but also should have a certain degree of music knowledge and artistic accomplishment. The so-called sound aesthetics, is for a variety of audio to the extent of the impact of the study. It can be said that a sound engineer does not have a sound is not a good sound engineer.

The sound engineer needs to have a deeper artistic accomplishment

For the opera stage sound division, the biggest purpose is to use the usual hands of the audio equipment to complete beats solo the re-creation of works of art. For the stage sound division, the face is the natural sound, vocals, music and complex listening environment, the pursuit of a beautiful voice, to make the sound harmonious and pleasant, pleasant, do not have a certain artistic accomplishment and audio aesthetic cultivation is Hard to do. In the stage repertoire production and reproduction and stage performances, a large part of the sound is used to shape the artistic image. The sound of this artistic image is not chaotic, but organized, including the performance, sound, read white, contrived, melody, rhythm, beat, tone, tone, harmony, polyphony, speed, intensity, sound The basic means to directly express the people's thoughts and feelings, with a special artistic appeal, which itself is a complete works of art.

Stage sound engineer is to understand, understand, use the equipment in the hands of the stage, with the actors singing, reading, doing, playing and the band's performance will be transformed into a wonderful sound of the work, so that the stage works with artistic appeal The Specifically, a good stage works from the script to the music of the compilation of music, have expressed the author's thoughts and feelings, actors and band performers have to use their own voice and playing skills to express this emotion, through Singing and playing this art form to infect the audience, so that the audience while enjoying the art, but also deeply feel the ideological content of the repertoire. Stage sound division in the repertoire of the operation process, but also to accurately express this emotion, including the design of natural sound beats earphones recording production editor.

This requires the sound division first to understand the ideological content of the repertoire, and then in accordance with the sound aesthetic point of view, master a repertoire actor singing style and band accompaniment when the balance, level, etc., to the sound effect of the production and reproduction, only Do these, can be able to give full play to their creative potential. If you do not have a certain artistic accomplishment, it is impossible to have a more profound understanding of the works of art, it is impossible for you to master the audio equipment to complete the re-creation of works of art.

The sound engineer must follow the principle of audio aesthetics

In the actual work, but also need to comply beats by dre studio with the principle of audio aesthetics. Stage sound division must do the band playing and the actors singing the balance of the moment, the volume distribution has primary and secondary, the main theme and accompaniment to be structured, according to the type of instrument, strength, tone different, timely adjustment of their frequency The For example, once won the Hunan Provincial Arts Festival won the first prize modern drama "purple British, it's music processing, each music has ups and downs, for different styles of music and singing are not monotonous regulation, a high-profile strong stimulation, such as The fourth field of the water, in the music show the owner of the psychological pain, sadness, resentment, anger, combined with the actual strength of the sound control to synchronize the rich music changes, such as: the fifth field of purple and In the music of the dialogue, the main theme of the background by the erhu, pipa, flute, dulcimer and other sections of the main chord and chord alternately playing, bass bass low, in the sound control does not destroy the actor clear dialogue, a single upgrade Each instrument of the main melody, melodious music in the low and sometimes mildly, sometimes exquisite and exquisite, bring out the two inner world of complex emotional changes, so that the sound of music becomes more colorful.