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Which earphones and in-ear headphones are good?

The rear-mounted type is more portable, suitable for sports, but the weight and pressure are concentrated on the ear. Some earphones are beats by dre wireless uncomfortable for wearing the ear for a long time, and have poor fit, relatively few products in the market, and generally small units.

The headset is mainly supported by the head, as long as it is not very tight, there is no obvious discomfort when wearing the ear for a long time, the cost is high, the portability is generally poor, and the audio source requirements are relatively cheap beats by dre high, but some designs are relatively heavy and not suitable for outdoor wear.

But in general, both are more comfortable to wear than in-ear style, and the sound unit is larger and sound better. But this is at the expense of portability. Choose according to your own application and the actual design of each brand.

After wearing the headset is actually a very simple thing to do, as long as we remember a word on the line: how comfortable with how to bring .....ear-hanging earphones as an ear bud type derivative, in sports headphones, car Bluetooth headset For a large number of applications, the earhook earphone uses an ear hook fixed to the ear to increase the firmness of the wearer. Although the comfort and firmness are improved, the sound leakage problem still exists. Of course, there are also sports earphones that use the earhook. Design of replaceable silicone sleeves. Of course, there are also music earbud headphones worn ear-mounted, but use less, the sound quality advantages are not very obvious.

In addition to the ear-hook type earphones with ear-hook type wear, the on-ear type earphones are also worn on the ear-hook type. The ear-hearing type of ear-type earphones can effectively solve the problem of ear clips, but at the same time, ear-hook wear will be the ear. The cover can not close to the ear, resulting in reduced sound insulation, and wearing a long time may also cause fatigue of the ear and the ear, I think ear-mounted ear headphones is a very compromise choice, if you do not like ear or in-ear style Headphones are the lightest and lightest of all headphones. If you use a moving iron unit, the weight can even be less than 10 grams. You won't feel any weight when you wear it. In addition, there are many high-end in-ear headphones. Using a metal material, it feels comfortable and delicate. The in-ear earphone was born at the beginning of the stage to monitor and other needs, with inherent small size, when wearing some of the catheter will stick into the ear canal, in addition to fixed through the ear shell cavity, in-ear headphones more through the ear The sleeve and the ear canal friction are fixed.

In most cases, the in-ear earphone earmuffs are made of silicone material, but some high-end products use memory foam sleeves. The comfort and sound insulation effects of silicone beats headphones on sale earmuffs memory foam sleeves have been further strengthened. However, some of the drawbacks of in-ear earphones are caused by the earmuffs. Since the earmuffs will be in contact with the ear canal for a long period of time, there is a sense of discomfort in the ear canals. In addition, the hygiene of the in-ear headphones is also very important, if not cleaned for a long time. Severe cases may cause ear infections.

In addition to wearing comfort problems, the stethoscope effect of in-ear headphones is also criticized. After the headphone wires are subjected to collision and friction, the generated vibrations will be directly transmitted to the ear canal through the wire, resulting in a very significant collision sound, in order to solve this problem. In addition to the improvement of the wire, cheap beats there are also a number of headsets to eliminate this problem by wearing methods, this is the ear headphones.

The earphone wire is different from the ordinary in-ear earphone. The wire passes through the ear of the ear above the ear. It not only can solve the stethoscope effect to a certain extent, but also can facilitate the collection of the wire during the stage monitoring. At first glance, there may be many netizens who may think that the circumaural style is similar to the lug style. However, in fact, the circumaural earphone is not fixed by the wire on the back of the ear. Its fixing principle and the in-ear style are the same. Therefore, ear-worn wear is more often used for headphone monitors.