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Where is the difference between headphones and stereo?

In the society we live in, hobbies have become the most common thing. Especially music, many audio and video enthusiasts are pouring out. With the popularity of video equipment, there are more and more people who are interested in the audiovisual field. Xiao beats headphones on sale Bian also often received this kind of question. Which earphone and stereo should I buy? What is the difference between earphone and stereo? Both are used to enjoy music, but their functions are not the same. Xiao Bian analyzes it today. What is the difference between headphones and audio? Since there was stereo, basically the sound field of music is based on the speaker. And as opposed to being suitable for most music, these musics are played back on the headphones, and it is easy to cause head-in effect. It is to feel that the music sings in the middle of the head, and there is no sense of space and presence in the speaker system. Therefore, the sound field is difficult to remove for the effects of the headphones in the mind. This is also a nature defect of the headphone system and it is difficult to improve and remove. Because the earphone is closed on the ear, although it reduces the impact of environmental noise on the music, it is easy to damage the eardrum and the auditory nerve at a high volume, resulting in irreversible hearing damage, although the volume of the sound is too loud. This will have such consequences, but predictability is much better than headphones. Therefore, the acoustics of human health are more excellent. This is undoubtedly the highest degree of portability of the headset, especially the headset cord that we often wear on the body, compared to the huge sound so it beats by dre studio can only stay at home. This headset compared to the audio in the restoration of music as a whole and the music scene a huge gap between the audio technology uses an intelligent sound quality conversion system and sound quality drive motor, can achieve the original sound of the collection of music, sound effects mellow. The restored music effect of the earphone cannot be achieved because the body's perception of the extremely low frequency band is full-body, and not only through the eardrum, but the sound can produce different sensory enjoyment through different placement positions. Audio generally has many configurations, including amplifiers, CD players, cables, listening environments, cleanliness of power supply, etc. cheap beats by dr dre These factors can affect the performance of the speakers. Therefore, the expression of audio is endless, and certainly not as expensive as possible. . In addition to the few amps in the headset, only the headset and the audio source itself, the link is reduced, it will be easier to obtain beats solo good results. Like the speakers, what headphones are chosen depends on what kind of music you are listening to and what kind of environment. In fact, the headset system is only a small branch of the HIFI world only, speaker system is the mainstream, many fans have the conditions or go back and buy the sound to experience the meaning of real HIFI, the kind of feel in person at the scene is the headset can not compare. But both headphones and stereos are complementary, and they all have irreplaceability.