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What's wrong with headphones? Teach you tricks

How to do beats by dre cheap dirty headphones? How to clean white headphones? I believe there are many small partners often like this: pockets carrying mobile phones, while walking, listening to music, to enjoy the charm of music alone! But if you use the white headphone cable, Such a long time of use will not be easy to become dirty, which may affect your image! So how to clean the headset cable? Look at the experience of Xiaobian for your analysis!

An easy way to clean the headset cord:

For a dirty headset cord, a relatively simple method of cleaning is to use an eraser to rub the rub, or use a towel soaked in hot water with detergent. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can also use the following methods: First, wrap the headset in a small bundle and place it in a plastic bag. Next, it is covered with a foam cleaner and gently kneaded by hand. Then place it for another two hours. Finally, remove the headphones and wipe off the surface residue with a paper towel.

Other methods of cleaning the headset cable:

Soap water: Take a small piece of soap, melt it with warm water, then use a cotton cloth to take a small amount of solution to wipe the earphone cord, and then dry it with a dry towel. Of course, it can also be placed in dry rice for several hours. Note: Do not clean the connector.

Toothpaste: Extrude a bit of toothpaste, mix in a small amount of water, then wipe with a small amount of cotton cloth and wipe dry with a dry towel. It is also not possible to clean beats earbuds the interface.

Alcohol: Drip alcohol with cotton, wipe along the cord, and air dry naturally. This method can clean the interface, but alcohol tends to age the headphone cord and it tends to harden after a long time. This method can also be replaced with alcohol wipes.

White vinegar: Drip the white vinegar with cotton and wipe it along the cord. This method tastes a little heavy, and finally wipe it with cotton and water. Also do not clean the interface.

Headphone cable maintenance methods:

As the saying goes, it is not as good as a permanent cure. Instead cheap beats by dre of cleaning it with effort, it cheap beats headphones is better to maintain our headphones. Whether it is white headphones or black headphones, as long as we focus on daily maintenance, it can avoid the dirty or slow down the speed of aging. Compared to the headset cleaning method, maintenance is simple and effective.

1, wear: sweat is the number one killer of wire, most of the wire oxidation is due to long-term contact with the skin. If we can usually pay attention to the method when wearing headphones, such as the wire in the collar, you can avoid direct contact with the skin. Slow down the oxidation process of the wire.

2. Save: The damp air is also the enemy of the headphones. The moisture in the air will make the unit moldy and the wire oxidize, especially for HiFi headphones. Often we neglected to maintain it, and then use it for a long time to find that the unit or wire has been damaged. Therefore, adding desiccant to the package is a once and forever method.