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What's the difference between moving coils, moving irons, and ring iron plugs? Actually teach you how to buy

Dynamic headphones are still one of the most common types of headphones. Other common ones are: moving iron headphones and hybrid iron iron headphones. Today, we will introduce how to operate the three kinds of headsets, including moving iron, moving coil, and iron ring, and select two of them for auditioning and commenting on the three types of headphones. The moving circle and moving iron unit make us one of the topics that fans often talk about, but we often listen to people saying that this unit is nice to listen to that unit. It's better to first understand the structural differences between moving coils and moving iron headphones. They use the principle of sounding. The dynamic earphone is the most common and the most common earphone. Its driving unit is a small dynamic speaker. The magnetic coil in the permanent magnetic field generates a magnetic field driven by the signal current and drives the connected magnetic The diaphragm vibrates under the influence of a magnetic field and emits sound. The moving iron earphone appears after the dynamic earphone, and the moving iron beats by dre on sale is driven by a permanent magnet and a set of coils, and driven by the signal current, the driving connecting rod is conducted to a center point of a miniature magnetic diaphragm, thereby generating vibration. And sound. Dynamic iron headphones are widely used because of their high sound quality and small size. According to the summation data, the items with high scores in dynamic iron headphones include: resolution, high frequency extension, and sound separation degree; the items with high dynamic earphone scores are: low frequency elasticity, beats earphones intermediate frequency, sound field, and image quality. Sound texture; circle iron headphones high score items: sound density.

After adding the individual scores of the same kind of unit earphones, it can be seen that the moving iron unit earphone is higher in resolution, high frequency extension, and sound separation than beats headphones on sale others; the dynamic circle unit earphone is in low frequency elasticity, intermediate frequency, sound field and image quality, sound The texture is higher than the others; the ring iron headphones are higher in sound density than others, but other items are basically balance between the two pure property unit headphones. Regardless of moving iron unit headphones, dynamic circle unit headphones or circle iron hybrid unit beats by dre studio headphones, they work on their own principles, but the details of sound reproduction are still different, but the main difference is the manufacturing cost, followed by the type of unit, the earphone wire Wait.