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What kind of music format is the best sound quality?

Wav format the best sound quality, but beats solo take up a lot of space, which is an ancient audio file format developed by Microsoft. WAV is a file format that conforms to the PIFF Resource Interchange File Format specification. All WAVs have a header for the file header, which is the encoding parameter of the audio stream. WAV encoding of the audio stream is not mandatory, in addition to PCM, there are almost all support ACM specification encoding can be WAV audio stream encoding. Many friends do not have this concept, we take AVI to be a demonstration, because AVI and WAV in the file structure is very similar, but AVI more than a video stream only. We have access to a variety of AVI, so we often need to install some Decode to watch some AVI, we come into contact with more DivX is a video encoding, AVI can use DivX encoding to compress the video stream, of course, can beats earbuds also use other Coding compression. Similarly, WAV can also use a variety of audio coding to compress its audio stream, but we are common to the audio stream is PCM encoding WAV, but this does not mean that WAV can only use PCM encoding, MP3 encoding can also be used in the WAV , And AVI, as long as the installation of the corresponding Decode, you can enjoy the WAV.

In the Windows platform, based on PCM encoding WAV is supported by the best audio format, all audio beats by dre sale software can be the perfect support, because they can achieve a higher sound quality requirements, therefore, WAV music editing is the preferred format, Suitable for saving music material. Thus, WAVs based on PCM encoding are used as an intermediary format, often used in conversions between other encodings, such as MP3 to WMA.

Bit rate The word has a variety of translations, such as bit rate, etc., that encoded (compressed) after the audio data per second need to use the number of bits to represent, and the bit is the least binary unit, either 0, or 1. The relationship between bit rate and audio compression is simply the higher the bit rate, the better the sound quality, but the larger the encoded file; if the bit rate is less, the situation just flips.

VBR (Variable Bitrate) dynamic bit rate that is no fixed bit rate, compression software in the compression according to the audio data immediately determine what bit rate, which is based on the quality of the premise of the file size, recommended coding mode;

ABR (Average Bitrate) The average bit rate is an interpolation parameter for VBR. LAME for CBR poor file volume ratio and VBR file size of the characteristics of the original set of this encoding mode. ABR in the specified file size, to every 50 frames (30 frames beats solo about 1 second) for a period of low frequency and insensitive frequency using a relatively low flow, high frequency and large dynamic use of high traffic, can be used as VBR and CBR A compromise choice.

CBR (Constant Bitrate), constant bit rate refers to the file from beginning to end is a bit rate. Compared to VBR and ABR, it compressed the file size is very large, and the sound quality relative to the VBR and ABR will not be significantly improved.