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What kind of headphones are good

Good headphones are pure sound, pure sense of balance, good resolution, sound field characterization excellent, dynamic with a good sense of speed, high frequency stretch extension, low frequency elasticity and intensity, IF transparent, small distortion. But many people come with their own headset with a bad phone, just to buy a headset with the use, but do not know so hurt the ears. Headset according to its beats earphones performance classification, mainly: moving coil, moving iron, electrostatic and headset and other magnetic. 1, earplugs generally refers to the drive unit diameter is small, you can wear the ear ear, or insert the ear canal headphones. Earplugs and a half-ear and ear-style, the general can be inserted into the external ear canal ear, known as the ear type, worn in the outer ear, it is called half ear type. On the ear and half ear, some friends to distinguish them into two different ways to wear, in fact, there is no such argument, they are wearing the way "plug", but the scale is not the same.

2, headset and earplugs in the shape of the biggest difference lies in the size of this type of headphones generally much larger than the size of the earplugs, and is divided into medium-sized headphones and full-size headphones. It is interesting to note that they are distinguished by the size of the earmuffs rather than the size of the loudspeaker. In short, the size of the headphones can not fully cover the ears of the ear, and full-size headphones that we often say "big headphones" can be completely covered in the ear, to achieve better sound insulation.

3, moving headphones: the vast majority of headset ear plugs are moving coil headset, the principle is similar to ordinary speakers, in the permanent magnetic field coil connected with the beats headphones on sale diaphragm, the coil driven by the signal current driven diaphragm sound, diaphragm Of the central protrusion position is the main sound area, and the side of the smooth edge can provide enough stroke. Dynamic headphones advantages: First, the technology has been very mature, the cost is low. Moving headphones overall, the sound is more relaxed, natural. Non-ear type moving headphones low frequency may be slightly less, in-ear style earphone low frequency will be sufficient, the sound texture, the high-end moving circle has a good dive, listen to a deeper sense.

4, moving iron headphones: moving iron ear plugs, the voice coil is around a permanent magnetic field in the center is called "balance armature" precision connecting rod, through the structure of the precision connecting rod to a micro-diaphragm center Point, this piece of iron in the cheap beats by dr dre role of magnetic vibration and sound. Moving headphones due to start late, and technical reasons, the higher the cost.

The advantages of moving iron headphones: moving iron sound unit is relatively small, can effectively reduce the ear part of the area, and can be placed into the deeper part of the ear canal. So a soft texture of the silicone sleeve beats earbuds relative to the traditional earplugs can already play a good sound insulation and anti-leakage effect. In addition, the sound of the moving iron unit is very sharp, resolving power, strong sense of speed, instantaneous dynamic and sound density is its strength.

5, static headphones: diaphragm in a changing electric field, the diaphragm is very thin, accurate to a few microns, the coil driven by the electric field driven diaphragm sound. As the manufacturing cost is very high, static headphones have been relatively small products.