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What is the headphone amplifier (AMP)? Why do we need it?

What is the headphone amplifier (AMP)? Why do we need it? If you are a high quality headset enthusiast, you must have been very familiar with the amp and already have a few. But for most of the headset users, the amp is still a relatively unfamiliar concept. If you are a high-quality headset enthusiasts, you must have a very understanding of the amp and already have a few. But for beats by dre cheap most of the headset users, the amp is still a relatively unfamiliar concept. Today's marketed headphone amplifiers from cheap to very, very expensive to cover all the price areas, so that it is important to understand their use and when they need them. Basically, the headset is a small version of the sound, all the audio needs an amplifier (AMP), and each headset if no amplifier is unable to work. But the existing equipment can play music basically have an AMP, whether it is smart phones, Walkman CD players and every computer and notebook. So why do we still need an external, standalone headphone amplifier?

In fact, these built-in headphone amplifiers have made a great compromise, allowing it to work only in a limited space and power. An independent amp will have more space to accommodate an excellent circuit and beats by dre a more powerful power supply, which will make the device better to control the sound. For some headphones, the power is very important, the amplifier needs to have enough power to control the music well, not to say that you want to burst your ears, but to control the music peak will not produce distortion. This will make you feel under the high-power amplifier, the sound will become more clean and have a better sense of control. But also must learn to use them safely and consciously keep the volume in a comfortable range. So, how to judge their own headphones need an amplifier? We want to see some of the performance of the headset, but the most important thing to observe the headset sensitivity and impedance. The sensitivity of the headset indicates how much volume the headphones will emit at a certain amplifier power. Specifically, at 1mW of power under the headset will reach the number of decibels. A very sensitive headset can achieve 100dB (or more) sensitivity at 1mW of power. In-ear headphones are in this range, and these high-sensitivity headphones do not require specialized headphone amplifiers to drive them. Many non-portable high-quality headset sensitivity is generally not very high, like many flat headphones are very insensitive, they need a few watt of power to drive, and the output of the decibel is highly sensitive in-ear headphones only 1 mW Out of the decibel. Headset sensitivity at 95dB or less when having an external amp has become a very necessary thing. Another point is the impedance of the headset and the output impedance of the headphone amplifier. In general, the impedance of the headset should be ten times the output impedance of the amplifier. This is a very complicated subject, but in simple terms, when the output impedance of the amplifier is much smaller than the impedance of the headset, you will get a good electronic damping, which makes your voice sounds more compact and clean. Like HD600 or HD800 impedance up to 300 ohm high impedance headphones should be equipped with a higher output impedance of the amp, like a transformer tube that has tens of ohm output impedance of the amplifier. Like Jerry Harvey JH 13 This has a 10 ohm impedance of the custom ear beats by dre is better fitted with less than 1 ohm output impedance of the amp.

In any case, amplifiers with high-quality components and power supplies will provide better sound quality for headphones, regardless of any volume level. Remember that we have considered the amplifier because we need to be cleaner and no distortion when our voice reaches its peak. This is more and less signal and no relationship, but there is about the quality of the sound. A high-quality headset can beats earphones use any plug to show excellent sound, but if not with a good amp, and then high-quality headphones can not play its performance.