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What is the difference between using a magnetic speaker and an external magnetic speaker?

The magnetic horn is not seen behind the magnet, the magnet is wrapped in the shell inside, usually beats headphones on sale beats by dre studio with two identical polarity of the paste to reduce the magnetic leakage. Generally used for high-end precision electrical appliances, such as Bluetooth speakers, computer multimedia and TV built-in speakers are internal magnetic speakers. beats earbuds Outside the magnetic horn can be seen behind a circle of iron, iron is easy to be sucked it. Easy to magnetic leakage and interference, commonly used in larger and more powerful electrical appliances, such as home with the combination of audio with external magnetic speakers. The magnetic horn and the external magnetic horn features: 1, in general, with the size of the magnetic horn magnetic leakage is small, but the magnet volume is limited, external magnetic speaker magnet is not restricted, but easy to magnetic leakage. 2, the magnetic horn as being wrapped in the inside, by the external magnetic field interference is small, the magnetic circuit is short, small distortion, light weight. 3, the external magnetic speaker with more ferromagnetic materials, heavier, vulnerable to external magnetic field interference, high distortion. 4, the magnetic horn due to the small size, light weight, less magnetic leakage, distortion is also small, beats earphones low power, high cost, and more for precision electrical appliances and the need to prevent magnetic field interference; external magnetic speakers use coarse ore , Low cost, more leakage, high distortion, power, strong magnetic field radiation, can interfere with other equipment, this speaker is widely used in large-function audio equipment and no anti-magnetic occasions.