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What are the steps for professional audio equipment?

Outdoor performances beats earphones and dance halls used by the professional audio, the majority of imported equipment, it should be said that the higher reliability. The main problem is the lack of professional quality of the operator, really equipped with qualified tuner units rarely. This article for small and medium-sized dance hall audio equipment operation points to explain, can be used as a reference for the development of operational procedures. In addition, in the small and medium-sized dance halls due to the microphone sound feedback caused by the phenomenon of the whistling is a common cause of the user headaches, because often whistle will make guests disappointed, sound effects out of the question, damage. Therefore, since the whistling phenomenon is the song and dance hall audio use of an important issue, described below separately.

First, the sound equipment to open, shutdown order

(CD player, LD machine, DVD player, tape recorder, video recorder), audio processing equipment (pressure limiter, exciter, effect, frequency divider, equalizer, etc.) should be switched from front to back, To audio power amplifier to TV, beats earphones projector, monitor. Shutdown in the opposite order, should first turn off the power amplifier. This operation can prevent open, shut down the impact of the device, to prevent burning power amplifier and speakers.

Second, before the preparation of singing - debugging

1. The volume control potentiometer of the amplifier should be transferred to the maximum position; the accompaniment music and microphone shunt on the mixer should be set to 0dB; the GAIN input gain on the mixer is placed in the adjusted position; The mixer's total volume faders are placed in the minimum position (lower end); the mixer's sound quality compensation knobs are in the middle position.

2. Test accompaniment channel, that is, with a CD or LD disk to put the song music, the mixer urgent Yan jumping Junji bread, the territory to -6dB near, when the song and accompaniment music is generally working Of the volume; but to pay attention to the volume to be moderately sweet, loud and easy to make people tired and unbearable. The tuner should listen to the different positions in the hall. Such as stereo audio and video, music quality and so on. The track should be a familiar song, you can adjust the volume (adjust the path GAIN gain) and shunt sound quality compensation until the sound satisfaction. The requirements of the music effect should be strong, there is a sense of beauty, treble can not harsh, bass can not be cloudy, ask the song clear, such as female voice teeth can be heard, but not too heavy. Shunt fader is placed at 0dB, the total volume fader is set to 0dB, adjust the shunt GAIN input gain button so that the AU table indicates about 0dB, then the system reaches the rated output power. But the normal work, the total volume fader - like in the -6dB or -10dB below, less than the rated output power.

3. Test the microphone channel. In general, at least two microphone channels are prepared. Try the microphone sensitivity and dynamic performance, and then add reverb and accompaniment music singing, singing through the reverberation, should be more rounded than the original song sound, full and level, rich sense of the scene. Adjust the volume of the microphone: the shunt is set to 0dB, the microphone volume adjustment shunt GAIN input gain button to shunt peak level indicator light shines as well, the total output power measurement by AU table instructions.

4. To the small band audition adjustment, that is, to a variety of musical instruments and audio signals audition audition, according to the music style for sound balance.

5. Video image adjustment, that is, the projector and color TV should be adjusted by its brightness, contrast, color saturation and other knobs to make the image clear and colorful. The sound engineer should be able to skillfully use the disc player and Voucher, familiar with the disc on the single. Note that when you are singing, you should press the D / A button on the player. Eliminate the original singing.

Third, the adjustment of audio processing equipment

Room balancer Room equalizer has two roles, one is to adjust the sound quality, make up the reverberation time caused by the frequency response is not balanced; another - an important role is to depress a certain frequency band, inhibit the sound caused by the whistle. Room equalizer usually should be kept when the sound engineering debugging set the location.

2. Compressor. In the audio engineering, the pressure gauge is also an important device, its role: one is to compress or limit the dynamic range of the program to prevent overload or distortion, the amplifier and the speaker has a protective effect; another important role is to improve the program loudness (which can rely on hearing Obviously felt).

Compressor adjustment data are as follows:

(1) Noise gate GATE: When the indicator light is on, the noise gate is closed and the sound is small. Play a squelting effect. When the input signal drops to the threshold level that begins to close, the noise gate is generally placed between 0PEN and -20dB.

(2) Compression threshold level THRESHOLD: Determines the level at which compression begins, typically in the range of -10 to 0 dB. The gain is reduced when the compression is started and the GAIN REDUOTION (dB) indicator is on. Compression ratio RATT0: placed at 2: 1; operating time ATTACK: placed at 10ms; release time RELEASE: placed in O.3s.

3. Reverb. Currently widely used digital reverb. There are many different reverb effects inside the machine to choose from. The tuner should respond to the various reverb effects of the reverb, and record the program that can be used, and can be used at any time with the keyboard.

Fourth, tuning points (mainly to operate the mixer)

1. Karaoke tuner work in the control room, tuning should be used to monitor the monitor speakers and monitor the headphones, respectively, listening to the main channel and return channel. The tuner should be familiar with the relationship between the monitor tone and the live sound, and the sound quality adjustment depends largely on the individual's hearing.

2. Use the pressure limiter and exciter to increase the loudness and beauty of the sound. Actuator adjustment mainly by hearing, according to the instructions to use the equipment will be sound full of sweet.

3. Reverberate the song. For non-professional singers should be appropriate to reverberate, to cover up the noise and sound defects.

4. Volume hours to pay attention to enhance the low frequency and high frequency; large volume when the appropriate to enhance the frequency to enhance the brightness of the sound.

5. tuning to song-based. When the beats headphones song appears, the accompaniment gradually down to highlight the song. Low frequency should be attenuated 3-5dB, high frequency 7kHz above should be attenuated 3dB, low frequency near 200Hz increase can increase the intensity, 2-4kHz upgrade 3-6dB can obviously feel bright song. On the disco or rock and roll will pay attention to a more substantial increase in low frequency (40-100Hz) and high frequency (7-20KHz).

6. When lifting the bass, do not cut the compensation button, so as to avoid excessive power output and damage the amplifier and speakers. The same is true for the low frequency adjustment of the equalizer.

7. If the sound of the whistle sound, should quickly be the total volume of the loudspeaker fader down to remove the whistle, find out the reasons and then gradually push on.

8. When the main channel fails to run, the rotation angle of the listening speaker can be temporarily replaced by the main channel, so that the concert can be continued. For the concert with the microphone, there should be a backup, when the microphone can be used when the backup alternative silent. DVD players should also have a backup, when the player fails to replace the available backup.

Five, sound feedback (whistle) suppression

1. Microphone sound feedback caused by the screaming is the karaoke and karaoke 0K hall of the common phenomenon, due to the existence of acoustic feedback, the general amplifier system gain can not be great. The reason for the occurrence of acoustic whistle is:

(1) the microphone is too close to the speaker, the microphone is pointing to the speaker;

(2) Reverberation on the mixer is too large;

(3) microphone volume adjustment is too large;

(4) not connected to the pressure limiter;

(5) hall of the acoustic design defects.

2. For the above reasons can take the following measures:

(1) Define a broad range for the stage of the artist's activities, and no whistle should occur within this range. In other words, the singer should not be too close to the main speaker, the main speaker should be known on both sides of the stage; singer's station should not make the microphone pointing to the speaker.

(2) the stage of the karaoke should be treated acoustically, the walls and sides should be equipped with sound-absorbing material.

(3) turn on the pressure limiter, the compression ratio should be set to <= 2: 1, the action time is 10ms, the release time is 0.3s.

(4) Reverb adjustment on the mixer and the volume should not be too large.

(5) When the above measures can not be worked, the frequency of the whistle can be attenuated by adjusting the equalizer.