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What are the advantages and disadvantages of in-ear earbuds how to reduce the damage to the ear

?With the improvement of living standards, music has gradually become an indispensable hobby for everyone to relax and enjoy entertainment. Everyone often likes to use headphones to listen to music. After listening for a long time, it will naturally endanger the health of the people. Earphones are divided into ear and earbud style headphones. What is the difference between? How to reduce the damage to the ears? I believe there must be many friends do not understand, it does not matter below Xiaobian give you one by one analysis. 1, in-ear and earbud style headphones advantages and disadvantages

If you put aside the time to wear headphones aside, let us assume that two people listen to the same time the music. To achieve the same volume effect, earbuds can not be properly isolated because of the external noise, so wear people in order to get a good listening effect, the sound will be relatively large open, note that it is relatively large. So damage will unknowingly formed.

The in-ear headphones can isolate part of the environmental noise, to achieve the same effect needs a relatively small volume. In addition, the headset wear time is also very important, if the same volume of 100 dB, 3 hours a day listening to music in-ear users, and an hour listening to music 5 hours compared to the earbuds, the latter is more likely to damage the hearing more Big.

However, from the point of view of safety, earbuds are safer because in-ear earphones, especially in-ear earphones with noise reduction, can easily cause traffic safety problems when crossing a road because you may not listen To the car behind the horn.

If compared to the wearing comfort, or in-ear slightly better, because the high-end in-ear headphones will be accompanied by a comfortable rubber or sponge cover. The ordinary earplugs wear a long time, the ear canal will have a painful feeling. Of course, this also varies from person to person.

2, how to minimize the damage to the ear

Returning to the aforementioned problem of "damage to the ear", chronic sound damage caused beats by dre studio by earphones for a long period of time is mainly caused by tinnitus and then hearing loss. The beats by dr dre latter may even cause cerebral cortex, autonomic nervous system, heart, endocrine and digestion System dysfunction.

However, the symptoms of hearing loss if beats headphones on sale the early detection and timely intervention, it can be completely restored. So for their own health, we listen to music with headphones every day should not exceed 5 hours, the volume should not beats headphones on sale exceed 60% of the phone (not absolute, due to different models).

As a multi-year earphone user, earbuds and in-ear earbuds have been used for a long time, and now they are also in-ear. Sometimes, no music is only used to isolate the surrounding noisy noise (bus subways, noisy public places). In theory, in-ear headphones can hear more detail with smaller volumes, although this statement is not supported by relevant clinical trials.