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Walk less and wear headphones to be a better music producer

When we deal with sounds, we often try to design something: "I want to get it closer to me", "This instrument is covered by other instruments," or "This sound should be put a little further forward." To understand how we should deal with sounds in the mix - what steps to take and what parameters to adjust to make these sounds work as we imagine - we must first listen to sounds in our lives from a new perspective.

Imagine a thing moving from afar to you - cheap beats by dre take a car for example. When it is far away, you will hear a murky, low-frequency boom. The closer it is to you, the louder the sound, the clearer the sound of the engine, and the higher frequencies that become more pronounced. After the high and low frequencies are mixed together, the difference between the direct sound and early reflection emitted by the car will be more distinct, and you can hear the sound reflected from all the surfaces around you. When the car passes by you, the volume is larger. You can hear all the sounds it makesthe tires crush the asphalt, the sound of more parts moving in the engine, and the radio sound coming from the windows.

With your own analysis to listen to the sounds of life, and to understand their acoustical principles, you can reproduce these effects in your own mix. Wear headphones when you walk, so you will become a better music producer. The following is the practice drill.

Scene interpretation

When the object approaches us, the overall sound will be louder and louder this is very simple, just increase the volume.

When an object is far away, we cannot hear the high-frequency sound it produces. So with a high-cut or beats earbuds overhead filter, you can simulate the frequency change with distance.

Some subtle sounds can't be heard from a distance, and they'll be clear when they are near - this effect can be made with gain-fit compression, or multiple stages of compression. When mixing, do you often use the compressor to squash the waveform to show the details of the snare sound?

The reverberation effect produced when an object utters sound at a distance and in the vicinity is also very different. Narrowing the time difference between the early reflections and the reverb tail produces a sense of distance; increasing the pre-delay will appear closer to us because the early reflections and direct sounds arrive separately.

Music production is closely related to real life. Let's take the beats earbuds example of a very important riser in electronic music as an example: Adding an overhead filter to a white noise and raising it slowly will make the sound closer and closer to us. So the next time you do a riser, try drawing the envelope with reference to the acoustics in real life so that you can create sound effects that are picked up from the speakers.