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Traditional sound system equipment necessary peripheral

Professional sound in order to achieve the desired sound effects, but also must have a corresponding set of equipment to support, in general, professional audio equipment necessary accessories are six kinds: equalizer, effect, exciter, pressure limiter, feedback Suppressors, electronic frequency divider, and six kinds of accessories are their respective roles are different.

Equalizer: EQ: Equalizer is an electronic device that can adjust the amount of electrical signals in various frequency components to compensate for the defects of loudspeakers and sound fields by adjusting the audio signals of different frequencies, compensating and modifying various sound sources and Other special effects, the general mixer on the equalizer can only high frequency, intermediate frequency, low frequency three frequency electrical signals were adjusted, only coarse, as the room balance or balance system curve can not meet the requirements, and Independent professional equalizer will 20hz-20khz audio signal is divided into 15 or 31, so adjust it will be more sophisticated, easier to make the system frequency response curve tends to straight; also free to decay unnecessary frequency; The system of voice-based sound reinforcement can also be used to reduce the whistle frequency to a certain extent, to suppress the whistle.

In addition, the equalizer is also divided into graphic equalization and parametric equalization, in the mixer peripheral system commonly used icon equalizer.

Effect: no processing of music to give a feeling of a fly in the ointment. Effect is dedicated to produce a variety of effects of electronic equipment. Its role is to change the original sound of the waveform, modulation or delay the phase of the sound waves to enhance the wave of the kay wave components and a series of measures to produce a variety of special sound. In addition to conference voice amplification, many people singing and musical instruments will use the effect, the singer singing with a certain reverb after the sound can become full, wide, long charm, without reverberation but it sounds Monotonous and straightforward. Many instruments such as electric guitars, bass, electronic drums, etc., can also produce different effects through the effect of sound effects. These effects include distortion, Compressor, Phaser, Chorus, OverDrive, Flanger, Wah (WAH), and so on. These effects include Distortion, Compressor, Phaser, Chorus, OverDrive, Flanger, Delay effect.

Exciter: a harmonic generator, the use of human psychoacoustic characteristics, the sound signal modification and landscaping. By adding high-frequency harmonic components to the sound and other methods, can improve the sound quality, sound, improve the penetration of sound, increase the sense of space space. Most of the exciter can not only create high-frequency harmonics, but also has a low-frequency expansion and music style and other functions, so that the bass effect is more deep, shock, more fullness and feeling. High frequency excitation can improve the clarity, intelligibility and expressiveness of sound. So that the sound is more pleasant, reduce hearing fatigue, increase the loudness. Although the exciter only to the sound increased by about 0.5dB harmonic components, but the actual sound, the volume seems to increase about 10dB. So that the sound of the hearing loudness increased significantly, the sound image of the three-dimensional, as well as the increase in the separation of the sound; improve the sound of the positioning and layering.

The adjustment of the exciter requires the sound engineer to judge the sound quality and sound of the system, and then adjust according to the subjective listening evaluation. Motivation is actually a distortion, poor control will make the sound more rough and scattered, and even increase the speaker tweeter damage rate. For the high-fidelity reduction of sound quality, most traditional systems do not need to increase the exciter.

Is the abbreviation of compression and limiter. Generally speaking, the compressor and the limiter are more together to appear together, there is a compression function at the same time there will be a limited function. Compressor: It is a processing device that reduces the gain itself as the input signal level increases. Limiter: When the output level reaches a certain amplitude, no matter how the input level increases, the larger output level remains constant processing device. The larger output level can be adjusted as needed. The use of the pressure limiter has the following effect:

1. Noise gate: As the beats headphones on sale large-scale sound reinforcement system often access many processing equipment, microphone and a large number of longer cable, which easily lead to significant background noise, especially in a quiet state (music stop, no one speech ), The noise may be noticeable, by setting the threshold level to the input signal by the noise gate on the compressor, so that no one speaks or no instrument is automatically "closed" while someone speaks or the instrument starts playing That can automatically "open the door", so that will not hear the obvious background noise.

2. Safety protection: the role of the safety valve, the sound system may be due to improper operation (the volume control system is too large or boot, shutdown, conversion and other improper operation and a strong voltage shock), the signal instability (different singer sound size Of the difference or the distance between the microphone and the mouth) or unexpected conditions (such as the microphone or the emergence of strong sound feedback caused by the whistle) and other reasons there is too high signal level, the system will cause serious overload distortion, or even damage Speaker or power amplifier. Access to the pressure limiter, through its compression, limiting the function of the entire system to play a protective role, which is the theater and dance halls widely configured pressure limiter of the main purpose. 3. Raise the loudness:

Compressing and limiting the dynamic range of the program can suppress the strong signal and increase the weak signal. Because the sound of the human ear is the average sound level of a certain period of time, so in the average sound level of the program, the occasional emergence of some high-level peak signal, it sounds less than the peak, But the average sound pressure level of the higher program ring.

4. Use the compressor to create special sound effects

Using a very short start-up time and a longer release time, you can create a special sound effect similar to "reverse sound", especially for some percussion instruments. The quick start causes the signal level to be immediately compressed, and when the signal decays naturally, the release time increases its gain in order to reduce the degree of natural attenuation. This effect on drums is a class of percussion instruments, especially for cymbals very significant.

Feedback suppressor: In the PA system, if the microphone volume to a larger upgrade, the sound of the beats by dre cheap speaker will be transmitted to the microphone caused by howling, this phenomenon is the sound feedback. Sound feedback not only undermines the sound quality and live atmosphere, excessive sound feedback will make the system signal is too strong, and thus burn the amplifier or speaker (under normal circumstances burn the speaker tweeter). Before the feedback suppressor appears, the sound engineer often uses the equalizer pull point (attenuation feedback frequency) method to suppress the acoustic feedback. The reason why the sound reinforcement system produces acoustic feedback is mainly because some of the frequency of the sound is too strong, these too strong frequency attenuation, you can solve this problem, but with the beats earbuds equalizer pull can produce the following difficult to overcome the lack of: First, The audio level of the sound engineer is extremely demanding, the feedback after the sound division must be timely and accurate to determine the feedback frequency and degree of feedback, and immediately accurate and accurate equalization of the frequency of the equalizer, which is not rich for the experience Sound division is difficult to do. Second, there is a certain impact on the playback sound quality. The band width of the existing 31-band equalizer is 1/3 octave, and some of the audio bands that need to be attenuated beats by dre are sometimes far less than 1/3 octave, and many useful frequency components are Off, so that the frequency of sound caused irreparable damage. Third, in the adjustment process may burn equipment. It is necessary to judge the whistle frequency for a certain period of time. If this time is too long, the equipment should be damaged due to a long time in a strong signal state. The use of feedback suppressor can completely solve this problem, the feedback suppressor automatically detects the feedback frequency, the fine feedback frequency attenuation, and some feedback suppressor can also need to frequency feedback frequency shift, phase shift processing, so that Feedback suppression better. This kind of processing can effectively eliminate the feedback, and will not have a significant impact on the playback sound quality, so its superiority is obvious.

Electronic frequency divider: the equipment to divide the audio weak signal, located in front of the power amplifier, and then use their own independent power amplifier, each audio band signal to give amplification, and then sent to the corresponding speaker unit. Adjust the ease, reduce power loss, and interfere with the speaker unit. Making the signal loss is small, good sound quality. But this way each way to use a separate power amplifier, high cost, the circuit structure is complex. In particular, a system with an independent subwoofer must use an electronic frequency divider to separate the signal from the subwoofer and then into the subwoofer.

In addition, there is a market called digital audio processor equipment, a device can also complete the equalizer, pressure limiter, divider, delay and other functions, analog mixer output analog signal input to the processor After the conversion from the AD conversion device into a digital signal, processed by the DA converter converted to analog signal transmission to the power amplifier, due to the use of digital processing, the adjustment is more fine, lower noise figure, in addition to independent equilibrium, the pressure limit Device, divider, delay device to meet the function, but also increased the digital input gain control, phase control, etc., more powerful.