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Tips: how to do headphones bad contact?

Headset with a period of time after the bad contact, but this is not long before the original headset, and then buy a original, too expensive; casually buy it! Not willing to. If so, you can try the following several methods. First test under the headset is poor contact, or completely broken, or the phone's problem. Test method is beats earphones as follows: Try to put the headset plug into the phone hole, try to plug in half to see if there is no response. No response, insert the headset into another phone. Or can not use it, is the headset problem, and quickly for a bar. If you have a reaction you can try the following tips. 1. Alcohol wipes a little bit of alcohol with a cloth, gently wipe the headset plug wipes, after a while put into the headphone hole to beats by dre cheap try to respond. 2. Hair dryer try to blow the hair blowing against the plug, when cheap beats blowing the main do not rely on too close, the wind is not too much, medium stalls is enough, about a minute to try.

3. clean up the headphone hole with a cotton stick dip in alcohol, remember not too wet, the cotton stick into the headset hole beats by dre sale turn a turn. After blowing the headphones with a hair dryer from the far point, then put the headset into the try. In addition, the emergence of such a situation, moving the headset line can hear the sound, do not move when there is no sound, then trouble, is the headset line problem, hands-on ability can be directly repaired, other people directly change headphones! amount! If you are too troublesome want to save the next headset, you can try the above approach. For me this lazy, the headset for the most simple! The The