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The type and advantages and disadvantages of headphones

Friends who like music should pay beats by dre sale special attention to choosing a headset that suits them. In general, the sound of the internal components according to the principle of sound and speakers can be divided into five categories: piezoelectric headphones, moving iron headphones, dynamic headphones, electrostatic headphones, pneumatic headphones.

Piezoelectric headphones: The use of the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramic sound. High efficiency and high frequency. Disadvantages: large beats headphones on sale distortion, high driving voltage, poor low-frequency response, and poor resistance to shock. These headsets are mostly used for telegrams, which are basically eliminated. A small number of headphones use piezoelectric ceramics as a tweeter.

Moving iron headphones: The use of an electromagnet to generate an alternating magnetic field, the vibration part is a piece of iron suspended in front beats headphones cheap of the electromagnet, when the signal passes through the electromagnet, the magnetic field of the electromagnet changes, so that the iron piece vibration sound. The advantages are long service life and high efficiency. The disadvantages are large distortion and narrow frequency response. It is commonly used in early telephone handsets.

Dynamic headphones: This is the most common form of headphones nowadays. The coil is fixed on the diaphragm and placed in a fixed magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet. The signal cuts the magnetic force line through the coil, so as to drive the diaphragm to vibrate and sound together. The advantages are relatively easy beats by dre wireless to make, good linearity, small distortion, and wide frequency response. The disadvantage is inefficiency (nothing shortcomings).

Electrostatic headphones: Also known as electrostatic flat diaphragms, the aluminum (or other conductive metal) coils are electroplated or printed directly on a very thin plastic film, placed in a strong electrostatic field (usually by a DC high voltage generator and a fixed metal The film (net) is composed of the electric field when the signal passes through the coil, which drives the diaphragm to vibrate and sound. The advantages are good linearity, small distortion (equal electric field compared to the magnetic field), good transient response (lightweight diaphragm), and high frequency response. The disadvantage is that the low-frequency response is not good, a special drive circuit and an electrostatic generator are required, and the price is expensive. The efficiency is not high either.

Pneumatic earphones: The use of air pumps and air valves to control air flow, direct control of air pressure and flow, causing air to vibrate. Sometimes the valve is replaced with a high-powered speaker. This kind of headset is commonly used on airplanes. This headset is actually just a trachea. The advantages are no-electric drive, unlimited parallel connection and high efficiency. The disadvantages are large distortion, narrow frequency, and noise.

It can be seen that the earphones can be divided into many types depending on the purpose of use, and the earphone technology characteristics of different manufacturers are different and have their own characteristics. You can choose according to your needs and preferences. Hope that the above brief introduction can help your purchase.