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The mixer to play the yo, the tuning becomes simple and easy

Here are 20 simple and rude live performance tuning only, do not feel complicated, because each one can be applied to the practical operation, but on the use of mixing console for each tuner debugging release is not the same here Only for your reference. 1, dim sound, to enhance the treble, you should adjust the mixer TREBLE;

2, in order to highlight the human voice, to enhance the tenor, should be adjusted mixer MID;

3, in order to enhance the sense of regret, to enhance the bass, mixer should be adjusted BASS;

4, to move around to move the vocal position of the singer should be adjusted mixer PAN;

5, the mixer PEAK indicator indicates the peak;

6, PEAK lights in the long light should be appropriate to reduce the GAIN;

7, Extender signal processing is to reduce the weak signal gain;

8, The main function of the noise reducer is to reduce the noise of the tape. The signal processing method of this complementary noise reducer is to compress and expand first;

9, in all types of audio sources, the worst signal to noise ratio equipment is tape recorder;

10, Compressor compression ratio is to go to the input level to increase the number of decibels and the output level increases the ratio of the number of decibels;

11, the main function of the noise gate is to reduce the no-noise signal;

12, feedback suppressor's main function is to suppress the positive feedback of sound;

13, in order to make the voice clear and loud, usually at the same time to press HighCut and LowCu;

14, going to change the strength and duration of the bass, it should go to adjust the exciter stress treatment channel GIRTH, OVERHANG;

15, the sound system playback sound quality is good or bad beats headphones cheap key equipment is the speaker, in addition to the speaker, the performance of the sound quality of the larger equipment is the microphone;

16, singing is a national singing words, this effect program should be to choose LARGE HALL;

17, playing disco dance music, equalizer bass to a strong upgrade, treble is appropriate beats by dre to enhance;

18, the front of the main amplifier and power amplifier division is the front is responsible for amplification and control, cheap beats by dr dre amplifier is responsible for amplification;

19, the main role of the compressor is to protect the performance of rental speakers, can change the dynamic range of the PA system characteristics of the signal processing is to decompress the larger level and the smallest level of variation between the range;

20, the equalizer is able to change the frequency response of the PA system, the equalizer is usually connected between the mixer and the amplifier, if you press the Equalizer HighCUT button, you can reduce the high frequency Noise, if you press the equalizer's LOWCUT button, can be to reduce low-frequency buzz;

Use the mixer, it should beats headphones on sale be based on the characteristics of the sound system, using the appropriate debugging methods to get good results.