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The difference between monitor headphones and ordinary headphones

Monitor headphones are also mostly used in professional monitoring areas such as recording, broadcasting, performances, conferences, and DJs. The monitor headphones greatly improve the degree of sound reproduction and enhance the fidelity of the sound. Ordinary earphones are usually tone-rendered and beautified to make sounds sound better. The HiFi headset is like adding sound to many factors, rendering a headset that is more appealing to the ears. The sound of an ordinary headset is not as good as the sound of a hifi headset. If you want the highest sound quality, you should still have a better hifi headset.

Difference between monitor and ordinary headphones Difference between monitor and hifi headphones

The difference between monitor headphones and ordinary headphones

The degree of sound reproduction is different from fidelity:

Compared with ordinary headphones, the monitor earphones are almost no sound-rendered sounds, and are not headphones that have not been completely sounded. Because the monitor earphone has the characteristics of wide frequency response and high speed, the monitor earphone greatly improves the degree of sound reduction and enhances the fidelity of the sound. Ordinary earphones are usually tone-rendered and beautified to make sounds sound better.

Bass, mid-range sound quality is different:

In terms of scale, the bass audio of the monitor can reach a perfect score of 9.9 points. The high frequency is high but not sharp, the midrange sound is very resistant to hearing, and the low frequency is strong and powerful; for example, when you use the monitor earphone to listen to the songs, even the singer's breathing sounds can be clearly heard, and some can even hear it at that time. The sound of talking and talking around people, the so-called monitor headphones. Ordinary headsets have extended the low-middle and high-pitched parts accordingly, minimizing the sound of the singers air changes, and polishing the sound of the singers to make the sound even more perfect.

Different sealing:

The airtightness of the monitor is better than that of an ordinary headset. It effectively isolates external noise, and it can beats by dre hear clear and accurate language with excellent sound insulation. For example, in the haunted house of the park we visited, the staff let us wear a monitor and could clearly hear the sound effects except for the haunted house inside. We couldn't hear the people around. Together with the spooky atmosphere of the haunted house, it is instantly scary and reaches the thrilling effect. Ordinary headphones are generally airtight. Occasionally, leakage sounds and external noises may enter.

Different uses:

The monitor earphones are widely used in field returning, downmix monitoring, broadcast monitoring, sound reinforcement monitoring, and dedicated monitoring because of their high fidelity of sound, excellent sound insulation, high sound sensitivity, low impedance, and good sealing performance. Ordinary headphones because it is rendered through the sound, generally used for listening to music, watching movies, playing games and other entertainment.

Headphone wearing comfort is different:

In order to ensure good airtightness, the monitor earphone generally adopts a durable material, so the wearing comfort is general; the ordinary earphone has a small body size. In order to carry conveniently, the lighter and more comfortable wearing degree is generally higher than that of the monitor earphone. Of course, there is no absolute limit to this. Wearing comfort is also something that varies from person to person.

The difference between monitor and hifi headphones


Speaking of listening headphones, in fact, is not so complicated interpretation of parameters with obscure cheap beats by dr dre theory, simply speaking, listening headphones is to allow the wearer to hear more real, completely unmodified sound. Like HiFi headphones make you cheap beats by dre feel the sound is a colorful oil painting, then the sound that the monitor earphone gives you is a simple sketch.

Monitor headphones are also mostly used in professional monitoring areas such as recording, broadcasting, performances, conferences, and DJs. According to different usage scenarios, different types of monitor headphones are used. The difference in the use scene also indicates the difference in monitor headphones. So under normal circumstances, monitor headphones do not necessarily need to have a strong audio and video, but must have a strong ability to restore.

The monitor should have enough wide frequency response capability and ensure that the overall distortion is small, just like the headphones selected by the DJ in the noisy environment are generally such monitor products, and the sound insulation is excellent to avoid being affected by the noisy environment, and The clarity and rhythm of the sound must be well controlled. If such a headset is to listen to popular music, it may make the listener feel very unpleasant and even classify it as being in the ranks of junk. Like the best use of things, the right environment can play the biggest energy of monitor headphones.

What is the difference between HiFi headphones and monitor headphones?

After listening to the monitor, we will look at the HiFi headset. In fact, we can feel the difference between the two headsets. The HiFi headset is more consumer-oriented and can guarantee our daily need to listen to music or watch movies. Prices are different, but the pursuit is to bring consumers a better voice more pleasing to the ears.

HiFi Headphones require:

In fact, from the frequency response range, HiFi headphones need to have a wider frequency response, used to ensure that we listen to all kinds of music. Different from the speed required by the monitor, the response speed of the HiFi headset may not be that fast, so that you can hear the appropriate tone. Tuning is especially important. In order to better please the ears of more consumers, HiFi headphones The tone will be heavier.

In fact, through the above description of how many friends can already know, HiFi headset is like adding sound to many factors, rendering a more appealing ears like headphones. The monitor is like removing the useless elements of the sound, giving people the most loyal voice.

In fact, from a sound point of view, whether it is a monitor or a HiFi headset, it is to enhance the sound in a certain frequency band, and in the frequency band to enhance a certain part of the sound, the remaining frequency bands will inevitably be reduced, and the adjustment of the frequency response It is also the difference between HiFi headphones and monitor headphones.

However, in many cases of practical use, monitor headphones and HiFi headphones still have to be identified according to different use environments.

What happens to the exchange of HiFi headphones and monitor headphones?

Since what is said is listening and HiFi headset, and explain the difference between these two kinds of earphones, can they be used interchangeably?

Can HiFi headsets and monitor headphones be used interchangeably? (They say there are more people to see!)

From the point of view of music appreciation, listening to music with monitor headphones is actually not so desirable. The middle and low-end monitor headphones have too many adjustments in the entire frequency, and many are only suitable for a few kinds of music specially adjusted for them. The high-end monitor headsets will overwhelm the shortcomings of your equipment, and the overall listening experience has been lost.

Can HiFi beats earbuds headsets and monitor headsets be interchanged? (You can find real love by turning to this page.)

However, if HiFi headphones are used in some professional fields, it will cause some misunderstandings in listening to sounds. This is mainly due to the heavier tone of the HiFi headphones, which marks the professional field now or even after a long time. Monitor the world of headphones.

Secondly, the impedance of the high-end monitor earphone is relatively high, and the user is required to have a large power drive device. Generally, the low-end civilian equipment does not have the output capability. If you want to use the monitor earphone on the low-end equipment, , Then you should choose some monitor headphones that are designed for home studios based on the home office audio workstation.