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The correct use of headphones What is the danger of long-term wearing headphones?

1. The earphone should be kept away from the magnetic field, otherwise the magnetism of the unit will decrease and the sensitivity will decrease over time.

2. Ensure that the headphone grille is clean and do not allow excessive contact with dust on the unit.

3. The earphone should be kept away from moisture, otherwise the pad inside the earphone unit will rust and the resistance will increase, which will lead to the beats by dre sale sound of the headphones.

4. Be sure to turn off the volume of the small sound source device before beats earbuds use, otherwise the light will break the fold of the membrane, and the heavy one will burn the voice coil of the earphone.

5. Gold-plated plugs are helpful for reducing impedance. Excessive wear can cause changes in sound quality.

6. After using the headphones, wipe off the sweat on the headphones, etc., otherwise it may cause the wire to deteriorate, and finally lead to cracks and seams.

7. The headset can not afford to beat and sudden high altitude pull, so that the headset voice coil, diaphragm and wire and other great harm.

8. In the course of beats solo using the headset cable should try to avoid pull, heavy pressure and other human damage.

9. Take care not to bend the line when you close the line, but use a certain amount of arc to close the line and avoid the wire breaking.

10. Headphones are personal items. It is best not to use them for communication. After using them, they must be clean and the ear plugs must be taken care of.

11. In cold winter weather, beats headphones cheap the wire is hard and brittle. Excessive bending can easily break the wire, so try not to use it outdoors.

12. People who often wear headphones to listen to music should master a "60-60 principle", which is also a relatively internationally recognized method of hearing protection. When listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, and continuous listening should not exceed 60 minutes. Ears are more healthy in such situations.

How long to wear headphones, how to wear headphones

A British scientific study shows that listening to music for a long time wearing headphones can cause deafness 30 years in advance.

Headphones are generally classified into three types: head-mounted, ear-mounted, and in-ear. The ear damage is the earliest. Compared with the in-ear and ear-hook styles, although the headset does not have the advantages of compactness and portability, it does not need to be worn when worn, so the damage to the ear canal and eardrum is minimal.

In order to avoid the harm caused by headphones to the human body, when wearing, please pay attention: Do not open the volume of the headphones too much. When using headphones to listen to music or learn a foreign language, you should pay attention to control the volume. It is best to keep it at 40-60 dB (normal conversation or slightly Small), to feel comfortable and pleasant ears is appropriate; do not listen continuously for a long time, adults use the headset no more than 3-4 hours a day, and intermittent listening is appropriate, preferably every half an hour let the ear rest for a while; should pay attention to maintain earplugs The cleanliness is cleaned every time it is used up; in noisy environments such as buses, subways, and noisy streets, it is best not to wear headphones to listen to music, make telephone calls, or ride bikes.