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Strength science! Look at your mobile phone headset which one?

Calling is the most basic function of mobile phones, listening to songs, of course, is also essential, in these actions have one thing in common, that is, they will sound. For this sound, we can directly through the phone on the handset or speaker to receive, you can also external headphones to achieve the same purpose. Here we talk about the phone headset What is the difference between the headset has basically become a mobile phone when the gift, excluding a small price has been very low mobile phone at the factory did not come with, most of the mobile phone box There will be a talking headphones in the past. In the big classification, the headset can be divided into wired headset and wireless headset two, starting from a simple wired headset. This is the type of headset that is preferred by almost all manufacturers, and the phone is connected to the headset cavity through a 1 meter or longer cable, and a sound is emitted in the cavity.

This type of headphones, the structure of the cavity are of course not the same, in the current standard 3.5mm plug, there are some different. Careful friends may find that some plugs have two lines, and some have three lines, these lines have what use, what is the difference between them, do not worry, we slowly look. First, there are two lines, this plug is called "three headset pin structure", because the two lines will be divided into three different sections of the plug, each small part of the metal are responsible for different functions. From the figure, from the left to the right of the three parts were left channel, right channel and GND, left and right channel is well understood, respectively, headphones corresponding to the left ear and right ear part of the sound, GND is the meaning of grounding, someone There will be questions, why the headset also need to ground, the answer is that the ground here is to allow mobile phones and headphones in this line there is potential difference, through the potential difference to generate current, thus driving the headphones sound.

And then look at the three lines of the "four headset pin structure", and three different, here to add a microphone area, which is most of the mobile phone factory with the headset used by the structure, do not believe put your headphones Come out and see. According to most of the practice of mobile phones, like the following figure, from left to right are the left channel, right channel, GND and microphone. But there are some special headphones will have some differences, the microphone and the GND area of ??the swap, so there will be a headset in some mobile phones easy to use, in some phones do not use the situation.

Wired headset is the most obvious gap between this, finished it, we look at the wireless headset. The progress of technology is getting faster and faster, and many of the electrical appliances that have to be connected with cables before can now become wireless, from wireless keyboards, wireless mice to wireless headsets, and too many examples. Their greater advantage is to please the line of the shackles, the longest distance from one meter to extend a few meters or even ten meters, but also easy to take care, not like the same as the ball line together. From the oldest 2.4G wireless headset talking about it, this headset needs a larger receiver module to help normal use, usually made beats by dr dre of USB interface plug in the computer or other electrical appliances used, the phone will not take This approach, on the one hand the cell phone space is very valuable, and even with OTG external, it is also cumbersome. That up to the current Bluetooth headset, through the newer Bluetooth 4.0 technology plus headset theory transmission distance can reach 100 meters above, we can see it after several generations of updated power. On the daily use, the transmission distance of about 10 meters has been able to meet the mass consumer, and just the market most of the headset transmission range is also about this, on the one hand control costs, on the other hand to reduce the trouble to explain The

Bluetooth headset so powerful, the principle is how it? After connecting the phone, through the phone audio player to play the audio part of the call Audio driver, audio files through the decoding, the PCM output to the Host side of the Bluetooth module PCM input, Then, after the processing of the Bluetooth module, the RF wireless module sent to the client-side Bluetooth device. Client-side Bluetooth device through the wireless receiver module, the filter, regulator, micro-processing chip processing, directly by the Speaker playback, the sound can be from the Bluetooth headset cavity came out. Well, now we have the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary wired headset and wireless Bluetooth headset there are basic principles have to understand, and believe that in addition to the phone factory original headphones, if you have their own needs, There are other headphones can choose, according to their own needs, combined with the advantages and disadvantages of both headphones, bold to try it.