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Sports headphones for fitness purposes

For a lot of friends like beats solo sports, a good sports headphones should be essential equipment. Due to the characteristics of the use of the scene, sports equipment needs to be portable and comfortable, but after doing this basic requirement, exaggerating the appearance by exquisite design will undoubtedly become more competitive. Using a very unique hexagonal star design, with its magnetic function when it is not used as long as the adsorption to hang around the neck will become a delicate necklace. It is also very carefully selected material, from the wire to the fuselage are covered with waterproof rubber, exercise more sweat do not have to worry about the headset is damaged, slow memory earbuds and professional sports ear ear is guaranteed Wearing comfort and stability. The part that comes in contact with the neck adds a lot of vertical fine lines to reduce the beats by dre studio contact area sufficiently and the noise generated by the friction is indeed much less. The neck extends to the head of this part is the use of a flat noodles line, simple and beautiful and anti-winding effect is very worry.

Headset through the acquisition of a large number of ear mold data, select the best tilt angle in-ear design, to ensure that when wearing exercise stable enough, with skin-friendly silicone ear caps take into account the comfort of the ears, as well as intimate wire Buckle, you can freely adjust the length of the headset to ensure that crazy rejection can not afford. In terms of sound quality is a walkman's housekeeping skills, through the selection of quality and meticulous tuning for pure music and movement along the way. Solid color matching to look very comfortable, but also more suitable for modern aesthetic style. Semi-collar with ergonomic two-key integration of the key module and the battery compartment, and close to the neck part is the use of skin-friendly soft silicone, natural curved curvature of the skin will not feel any discomfort. The beats headphones on sale entire wire are made of high-intensity reflective material, with dazzling colors to do a night run in the most shining star, but also greatly enhance the personal safety of outdoor sports.