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Speaker daily maintenance and maintenance guide

Speaker is indeed a device is not prone to failure, but does not necessarily fail does not mean that will not fail. Speakers and headphones in the use of the process, there will always be this or that problem, to bring us a lot of inconvenience. As the saying goes, a rainy day, if you can use the speaker and headphones in the process of doing routine maintenance and maintenance, then at least you can delay the speaker and headset failure time, so that their use more comfortable.

1. Dust is the key

Dust has always been a natural enemy of the computer, many computers in the use of the process for many years, often overlooked the dust brought great lethality, but this is a disaster sooner or later. Many of my friends will ask the speakers are closed design, how can the dust into the box? Have to say that this is actually a not a comprehensive understanding.

Although the speakers have adopted a sealed design, but some brands with independent subwoofer speakers, the satellite box with the subwoofer between the cable, is by the box on the foot of the card will be stuck in the above. If you enter a lot of dust here, it will cause the speaker line and the connection between the speakers is not smooth, directly affect the playback sound quality, I believe this is a lot of friends have encountered things.

And the speaker although the structure for the seal but its internal is not completely into the dust, when the dust inside the box when the most difficult to clean is the speaker unit, and a little attention will let the speaker rupture, clean up when it is quite need attention of. Clean the inside of the power should be closed, and can not be washed with water, better use of vacuum cleaners, as long as the light on the trumpet can be washed most of the dust removed. So in daily life, we should at least one week to clean up a speaker, try to keep the speaker from the dust of harassment. In addition, as far as possible the speaker placed in the dust of the place, in order to extend the life of the speaker.

2. Moisture to be done

Humidity is a large speaker of the speaker, of course, it is also a natural enemy of all electrical products. If the speaker is wet the speaker of the diaphragm in the process of vibration occurs in the physical deterioration, thereby accelerating the aging of the speaker diaphragm directly lead to the decline in sound quality. It is like a piece of paper, in the case of dry vibration paper will be intact, but stained with water after the vibration intensity is slightly larger will cause the paper rupture or wrinkles.

Another wet will also increase the horn soft rubber ring edge of the broken, but also allow some of the metal parts inside the corroded rust corrosion, resulting in unexpected failure. So when using the speaker, the speaker should be placed in a relatively dry environment, if the family environment is indeed relatively wet, you can also make a large bag, when the speaker is not used when the speaker into the bag will help Speaker moisture. Another speaker should be kept every day for some time, through the heat generated by the speaker itself to moisture.

3. The temperature of the speaker environment should be suitable

Various components within the speaker and other components, for the temperature is a certain requirement, such as wood, cone cone, treble silk film, hanging edge, centering stent, adhesive, voice coil and so on. If the temperature is too high or too low will cause the unstable operation of the speaker parts, of course, under normal circumstances does not appear this problem. But some families have a stove, heating, etc. do not let the speaker close to this place. Such as the heating cheap beats by dre room in the north if the speakers near the heating too close is really not very good, it is very worth noting.

4. Speaker placement issues

Many friends see the speaker placed on the issue, must be raised objection, speakers also beats headphones on sale need to find a place to place it? Directly on the computer desk is not on it? In fact, the speaker placed quite knowledgeable, of course, this is from the sound quality to consider. Because this article is mainly for everyone to introduce the maintenance of the speaker, where not to explain the sound quality and specific to the speaker method, just to put forward two points, the first speaker should be placed as far as possible not to be exposed to the sun, do not Near the temperature is too low. Because these places are particularly vulnerable to aging components inside the speaker, so be sure to remember.

Another speaker is not suitable for placing in the electromagnetic field is relatively strong, such as the refrigerator and so on. Although they do not cause serious consequences for the speaker, but after prolonged use, there will be some unexpected failures. If you want to place in a better place, you can consider a better ventilation position, so more conducive to the speaker heat.

5. Switch the speaker, the volume should be adjusted to the appropriate location

At present, most of the speakers are active speakers, in addition to a handful of independent amplifier speakers, many speakers will be built-in amplifier. The amplifier chip is most afraid of the impact of instantaneous current, if the instantaneous current is very large, easy to cause the amplifier chip was burned. So before opening the sound source device, the speaker sound to adjust to a smaller, when the sound source device starts, then adjust the volume. When you turn off the source, you should also adjust the volume of the speakers to a smaller and then turn off the source. This will be able to protect the speaker amplifier chip, so that your speaker "life" more pleasant.

6. Do not listen to music for a long time

With the speaker to a larger volume of music, in real life is also rare. But there beats by dre cheap may be such a situation. For example, the computer placed in the study, the speaker is also placed in the study, to some friends in the living room to chat, drink, will be the study of the speaker volume adjustment is very large, easy to enjoy music in the living room.

What will be the result? If the sound quality is likely to cause distortion of the sound, or even burn the unit of the situation. In addition to this situation, it is also easy to cause the back of the speaker temperature is too high, thus affecting the life of the speaker. So when using the speaker, the maximum volume will be adjusted to about half, so that the situation will not appear.

If the speaker does not use the sound signal input to the speaker, but the speaker is still working at a static operating point, there is still a quiescent current flowing through the internal circuit, in fact still still in the Work, which means that it is likely to cause the amplifier and other components are damaged.

7. Do not use the microphone at the speaker

I believe that this situation is still more common, for example, in some KTV inside singing, if the use of microphone alignment speaker, it will issue a harsh screams. This situation is caused by the speaker's tweeter, very easy to burn tweeter. So use the microphone is not to be aligned with the speaker.

8. Speaker better to be fixed

Here is the fixed, does not mean long fixed, fixed after the move can not. We refer to beats headphones the fixed, can be understood as not easy to slide and move the speaker, because we are in the process of using the computer will inevitably encounter the speaker, if the speaker fell on the ground slightly injured, seriously injured is very troublesome. So you can use double-sided adhesive and other things will be slightly fixed about the speaker.

9. After a long time to use, should clean the speaker thread

Speaker line in the use of a long time after the line will inevitably appear on both ends of the oxidation of the situation. When the thread is oxidized, it will cause the speaker sound quality decline. This time you need to use detergent cleaning contact points in order to maintain long-term sound quality unchanged.

10. When listening to music, check the line connection first

In fact, when the speaker line connection is successful, we will not touch these cables. But not afraid of ten thousand afraid of the case, the use of speakers, it is better to check whether the connection of the speaker is normal, you can also check whether the speaker line into the mouse lunch.

Written at the end:

Can be seen that these simple maintenance and maintenance of the speaker are all things we can, it is not a big problem such as damage to the need to open the box welding circuit, etc., each of these people can do, but we usually pay attention not Notice the problem. Have to admit that the details of these maintenance and maintenance will greatly enhance the life of our speakers, a set of speakers is not like the consumption of digital electronic products, but more sound but more mature, and the most critical issue is that we First of all need to have a careful care of them.