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Sound quality and volume related? The bigger the power the better?

No direct relationship. Audio quality is not good beats solo or bad and can not be simply judged from one aspect, speaker size and cabinet reasonable, speaker material, sub-board components, speaker material, etc., in many ways affect the sound quality. As for the size of the living room is now a new era of theaters, many brands are introduced, to create a sophisticated and powerful home theater products. Speaker power alone can not measure whether the sound box is good or bad, in theory, the power is bigger the better. Because the music (refers to all the music) itself has a dynamic range, for example, a dynamic large fragment than dynamic small fragment power may be tens of times the power amplifier, with sufficient power reserve, you can More accurate performance. Of course, this is a simple example, there are other complex reasons, the actual is based on their use and reasonable match.

First, pay attention to the power matching problem. In theory, the speaker's rated power must be equal to the amplifier's rated output power, so that equipment to work properly. It is recommended here, rather than the big car pull, but also the last small horse pull the car. When conditions permit, can choose high power amplifier, do not choose low power. Under normal circumstances, at least to do the power amplifier rated output power is greater than 2 times the speaker power. Although the big horse-drawn car may cause unnecessary waste of power, the case of a small horse-drawn car will not provide sufficient power for the speaker to perform and the entire sound system will not be able to perform better sound effects. The second is impedance matching. Amplifier output and speaker input impedance should be the same. Although there is some slight deviation between the two, there will be no obvious influence on the sound quality, but only the power output of the power amplifier. However, it must be reminded that if the input impedance of the speaker is lower than the output impedance of the power amplifier, the distortion will be greatly increased , Serious time will damage the amplifier. So we still try to choose the same both good. Finally, talk beats headphones on sale about damping coefficient matching. The so-called damping, is a measure of the power amplifier output stage impedance for the beats headphones on sale size of the speaker damping index. If the damping coefficient is too high, the sound from the speakers will dry out, not mellow; if low, then prone to sound sticking together feeling. Therefore, we do PA configuration, we should pay attention to the stone damping coefficient control in 30 to 40, the tube because of its internal resistance is high, be sure not to exceed 10.

In general, the sound is mostly active speakers, there must be an amplifier inside, so the noise is unavoidable, according to the source of active speaker noise can be roughly divided into electromagnetic interference, mechanical noise and thermal noise. Mainly electromagnetic interference can be divided into power transformer interference and stray electromagnetic interference. beats by dr dre Under normal circumstances, the power transformer interference is due to magnetic leakage caused by the power of multimedia speakers, the conditions permitting the installation of the transformer shield effect is very obvious, you can a greater degree of magnetic leakage will be blocked, the shield can only be used Iron material production. We should try our best to choose the big brand and the solid materials. In addition, using the external transformer is also a good solution. Stray electromagnetic interference is more common, speaker wire, frequency divider, wireless devices or computer host will become the source of interference. The main speaker as far as possible from the host computer, and reduce peripheral wireless devices.