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Sound engineering, how to choose a reasonable audio line?

In audio engineering, the choice of audio line is indispensable. However, the audio line model specifications are more, according to the use of points, a signal transmission line, microphone line, engineering installation line; according to the number of core points, a single core, double core and multi-core line; 0.1,0.15,0.3 square millimeters and other specifications; according to the density of the shield, there are 96 networks, 112 networks, 128 networks, etc., according to the shield of the network weaving and wrapping type. We can see a great choice, the difficulty is not small. Speaker project, the audio line how to choose? This is because the cheap beats by dre microphone cable, in use often drag, if there is no good protective layer, it is easy to cause the core wire break, while the microphone output signal is small, small interference will affect the signal to noise ratio, so generally To balance the transmission, while requiring low transmission loss, especially for longer distances. In the choice of purchase, we should note that the selection of those thick soft outer skin, double-core, shielded dense, thicker diameter varieties, the length should not exceed 30 meters. Since the audio signal is also mostly small, so in the system, we treat the signal as much as possible. In the long-distance transmission, but also to consider the line loss. So, should choose coarse diameter, 0.3 square millimeters above, double-core wire netting above 128 net.

These lines, the general core thicker, more dense shielding layer is not too thick protective layer, easy to wear through the connector protection spring, handle, etc., and after silver treatment, easy tin, easy to use. Oxygen free copper is high purity copper. Oxygen-free copper but also distinguish a few N, most of the general is 4 N, a little better is 6 N, advanced is more than 8 N (what is N? Is the purity of copper, a few N Is a few 9, such as 6 N is beats by dre on sale 99.9999%). Therefore, in high-fidelity systems, oxygen-free copper wire are used as signal transmission and speaker cable.

Get a wire, stripped of the core, if you see the copper wire with a unique light, at the same time interested in bending, feel beats solo soft and paste that is good, whereas the color dim, bending flexibility is not good goods . As for the diameter of the thickness of a look, be a comparison to know. There are shielding, those who use oxygen-free copper, high weaving density is good. In short, you pay for every penny, do not try to save money, use a poor quality wire. At the same time beats by dre wireless not occasionally used wire used. Light, reduce the quality, heavy has become a fault.