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Refuse noise, only to create exclusive music space

I believe many people like me, as long as there is a little trouble can not concentrate on work, even if the headset is beats headphones cheap crazy to play white noise, or will be upset by other voices, lost enthusiasm for work. Or continue to take the high-speed rail plane, or subway car, it will inevitably be the car bear children, traffic noise or wait for the talk beats headphones on sale of the crowd talked about lifeless. Whenever this situation, I would like to super like Doraemon, take out a mini-pocket from his pocket, as long as drilling in to be isolated from all beats by dre on sale annoying voices, exclusive peace. When I fell deeply into YY's various future technologies that allowed me to travel like a snail with a house, I suddenly jumped out of my mind. Although I could not carry the house with me, I could take the initiative to fight these noises. After seeking help mother, the artifact noise reduction headphones appeared in front of me.

Noise-canceling headphones are nothing more than two, active noise reduction and passive noise reduction. Passive noise reduction is well understood, as if everyone had been awakened by an alarm in the morning but did not want to wake up. Whenever this time, can not wait to head into the pillow, which is passive noise reduction. To put it plainly, passive noise reduction through physical silence is to eliminate the noise. To put it bluntly, just take a piece of cotton into the ears! This noise reduction method, the biggest problem is: noise reduction effect is not particularly desirable. The reason is very simple, I have never seen anyone who put his head in the quilt, you can not hear the alarm sound. And the corresponding passive noise reduction is active noise reduction. It is also well understood, as when fighting people, either put yourself thicker, beaten not hurt; or take the initiative to contact parents, find a teacher, destroy the enemy in the bud. However, active noise reduction is the elimination of noise in the bud. In other words, the active noise reduction earphone collects the ambient sound through the microphone, and through the sound wave cancellation cheap beats principle, after the chip processing, the corresponding sound is played, so that the human ear can not hear the sound at all. It's as if you've got an appointment and you've given it to the teacher so that the other can not play. Therefore, to overcome the annoying contrast, active noise reduction is absolutely indispensable secret weapon.