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Record the correct sound method for audio applications

Most people use most of the equipment is only three pieces: microphones, sound cards, headphones, a few people will buy independent words, then these kind of good or bad is you can control, as long as your economic conditions allow to buy the highest possible quality equipment Will directly affect the quality of your recorded voice.

That part of the recording, the microphone, then put and sound card which is more important? I personally think the importance of sorting is: microphone> talk> sound card, because the microphone is recorded directly to your voice device, the microphone directly affects the quality of recorded voice came in, and play only the role of the microphone The output signal strength and dynamic range to enlarge, although the different models put the sound is not the same, but the difference is actually not so big, and do not expect to buy a good word to put your broken microphone sound better, This is unrealistic. As the saying goes, feces come out is also feces, do you think your microphone sound boring, so buy beats headphones on sale the world's most Niubi words put, and now you record the sound will be brightened it? No, it will only get more boring, so if you have a limited budget, put the main focus on the microphones. I believe most of us now use USB sound cards, As long as your microphone is good enough, even if the sound card comes with the recorded voice will not be bad. Another point to mention is the directivity of the microphone, the microphone may be a lot of people do not pay attention to attention, in fact, this is a good solution to environmental noise, beats earbuds of course, provided that your environmental noise is sent in one direction , Such as the window, this time you can make the back of your microphone toward beats by dre sale the source of noise, and now the vast majority of entry-level microphones are heart-shaped point, so for the microphone on the back of the microphone is very difficult to receive, So you can record low-noise dry sound without any cost, the other is the issue of capacitance or moving circle, many people say that if your environment is not good, it is best to use dynamic microphone, this is not without reason, But I think most people are recording in a small room like your own bedroom or dormitory, which usually does not produce significant reflections. You can do a simple test and clap your hands in a loud voice If you can hear the obvious buzz (this phenomenal name is chatter echo), then you'd better be honest with the moving coil if you can hear Hum, but not obvious, you can still use the capacitor, after all, the sound quality of the capacitor is better Then followed by the headset part, in fact, if the headset is used for recording, the first thing to be sure is that no leakage, wear comfortable, I do not recommend listening with earplugs, earplugs sound is usually very inaccurate, you may not record some of the problems with earplugs, it is still recommended to buy headphones monitor headphones, the other such as the frequency response of what, as long as not beats by dre on sale too far off On the line, to meet this requirement a lot of headphones, and the price is cheap.

Everyone has their own recording habits, some people used to sit recorded, some people used to stand, I do not ask you have to stand, say what breath will be smooth, if you are not accustomed to standing still have to stand If you do, it is likely that the process of recording will be very difficult, and there is no guarantee that you will record in the most comfortable state, so standing or sitting can be done according to your habits.

But there is a problem must be strict requirements, that is, the distance between the mouth and the microphone, less than 10 cm will cause the effect of speaking about the microphone led to low-frequency response increases, recorded voice will be very boring, and too close to bring another problem That is, as long as you move the head slightly before and after the sound changes will be very obvious, this latter part is very difficult to repair,