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Puzzled how different headset price gap is so big!

First of all, we have to understand that the headset is actually a technical indicator, the headset is simply the energy conversion equipment, the current into a shock, the vibration of the sound from the technical point of view can be strictly measured. In theory, the test sound signal, you can test the quality of the headphones out, and did not bad. However, want to accurately measure the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of headphones, not the human ear can do. Headphones in addition to hearing, different age, each person's ear canal is different. Personal evaluation, reference meaning is basically useless, therefore, for the earphone products, only their own ear receipt is the most meaningful, you hear the sound is unique. Single from the headset to see, in fact, very low cost. Pure sound part, tens of dollars beats headphones on sale enough, and then up to the added value. Sound simple, made a good voice is not simple, technical indicators to be done, other add-ons, what Need for wire, leather cover, exquisite boxes and so on. These additional things like the box is almost, is to make you feel good value for money. In general, put one or two of their favorite songs, to listen to is the king, do not believe too much beats earbuds of the so-called evaluation, because the personalization of headphones too many factors. Do not just look at the price, may not be expensive headphones must have a better voice, suitable for your ears, suitable for your style headphones really not expensive. For their own best!

In beats by dre the music world feel good voice, shocking good headphones dedicated to love music people pleasant, meticulous analysis, professional wire headset, reduce sound loss, restore the real sound, give you the enjoyment of the sounds of nature For music, Wearing a music headset, home can also follow the pace of music, experience a flexible music rhythm. This headset has a sophisticated process design, and beats by dre sale through the 40mm high fidelity unit settings, showing a powerful bass performance. Headphones are very delicate and flexible one headset, ear hanging cable to provide suitable for anyone to wear, to ensure that the headset can be fixed in place, fine close to the ear sets can provide a good sound isolation. So whether it is sports or rest, this headset can create your own beautiful sounds of the song. With long battery life, you can standby ten days, lightweight body, comfortable to wear, you can rotate 180 degrees, with high-definition call function, dual noise reduction function. According to ergonomic design radians, headphones fit the ear, very comfortable.