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Professional speaker tweeter daily maintenance

The loudspeaker in the loudspeaker is the weakest and most simple damage in the professional sound system. In order to reduce the risk of damage to the loudspeaker, it is necessary beats earphones to adopt the method from the system description, the operation beats by dre sale and the maintenance of the speaker itself. 1. Operational considerations

Operation should pay special attention to the power amplifier output volume to be appropriate, in particular, to prevent some strong shock signal to form the speaker damage. Start, shut down, plug the power plug and plug the various components of the signal line and other initiatives, should first adjust the mixer volume control properly closed; microphone jump on the ground and the intense reaction of the whistle will be the threat of the formation of the speaker should be Try to prevent. Professional sound system should be activated and closed the right times: boot, you should first connect the various pre-level (including the signal source, mixer, processor) power, and finally connected to the power amplifier power; The mixer volume to the minimum, and then plug the power amplifier, and ultimately closed the front of the power supply, so that the impact of the speaker can be reduced to a minimum. Now with the power sequencer, the use of electronic delay relay beats by dre on sale initiatives, beats by dre wireless so that each device can be set according to the pre-set and interrupted power supply, improve the safety of the operation, to prevent the operation of the management personnel unnecessary Lost. Professional sound

2. Prevents the loudspeaker due to clipping distortion

The power of the burner unit burns all from the power amplifier. The extra output power is too large power amplifier, the additional output power of small speakers constitute a threat, any professional audio system to describe the staff and operators should pay attention to and prevent this situation. But many of the business song and dance halls, some units of the auditorium, the salon, we often encounter trouble is a power of power amplifier, but unknowingly in the tweeters burned. Professional sound

To find out why the low-power power amplifier will burn the higher power speakers in the tweeters of the reason, the first thing to clarify the two questions: First, the characteristics of the music signal, the second is the power amplifier output power characteristics.

3. Speakers

?In order to deal with the tweeters simple burning of the doubt, the manufacturers developed a number of new speaker maintenance circuit, the product can make the safe operation of the state at full load.

Usually the speaker maintenance circuit depicts two plans. One is short-circuit maintenance and disconnects the signal before the loudspeaker unit is overloaded. This description depicts the loudspeaker, but will make the program play off and affect the atmosphere of the show. The other is for the advanced series of products of the controller, the use of multiple sets of limiter, the constraints of the signal ups and downs, highway overload time is very small, but it will suppress the music of the dynamic, performance becomes flat