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Play video games overcast, not simple sound

When we started the home theater, we not only focused on product quality and cost performance, beats earphones but also considered the home theater audio as the home entertainment device. Not only the pursuit of multi-channel on-site effects, but also the need to have both the sound quality and singing multi-purpose, In order to be able to buy a satisfactory home theater for good value for money. Amazing with a large horn-tweeter design, which is a symbol of high profile, while the elegant noble red box, coupled with the golden cone sliding fever unit, accurate positioning of tweeters, timbre structured, but also effectively avoid the structural The strength of the phase distortion is hidden. Central voice processing delicate place, as someone talking next to you, like this horror movie will be more prominent, pay attention to your little heart Oh! Strong performance of the spot sound, the use of square structure design, bronze frosted paper basin, thin and rigid material just tough, instantaneous beats headphones cheap response and sense of detail of the outstanding performance. X-bite horn tweeter, give full play to the excellent beats by dre on sale transient response of the horn treble, and real sound detail. Sweet and beautiful vocals, full but not oppressive.

The use of high-quality high-density sheet, density balance, both inside and outside, so that the sound reached a state of balance, so that the sound quality to the next level. Full range of 5.1 surround sound, whether deaf or whisper mosquitoes or flies, can be a clear income in the ears, the immediate experience of the scene. Regardless of the styling of the wind or the sound of the deduction are called masterpiece, three split design, the sound of each of the details of the sound field, clean separation, so that your surprise for the music endless. The real three-tier split flagship product, according to the United States and sound design, sound more pure, more sweet. Assembly of aluminum-magnesium alloy decorative ring high school speaker unit, and piano paint panels match, giving the noble style of the atmosphere. Respect of the large red wood chamber, the front black panel piano paint, champagne gold and aluminum alloy outer ring cover all speaker units, generous decent. Inverted speaker arrangement design, using a higher-end box technology and speaker technology, beats headphones cheap so that the level of audio playback out quite clear. Bring the sound quality, just like the gentle spring breeze gently brush your face, gurgling streams into your heart.