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Noise compensation of speaker divider

Why do we need impedance compensation?

The voice coil of the loudspeaker is an inductive element whose impedance varies with frequency, the higher the frequency, the higher the impedance of the loudspeaker, and the correct design of the divider is that the impedance of the loudspeaker is constant and the change in speaker impedance The frequency divider has an influence on the frequency divider.

When the impedance of the loudspeaker connected to a frequency network changes, beats headphones the frequency of the filter frequency of the frequency divider network beats by dr dre will change greatly, resulting in the frequency characteristics of the chaos, so that beats by dre studio the phase characteristics of the event, but also the speaker system frequency response is not flat , The overall performance of the system is affected, so the need for impedance changes with the frequency of the phenomenon of impedance correction.

We generally compensate for the increase in the impedance of the loudspeaker, the circuit shown in the figure (impedance compensation circuit). The following describes the low-frequency impedance compensation and high-frequency impedance compensation circuit composition principle and calculation formula:

锟斤拷 low frequency beats by dre sale compensation

Horn in the bass of the resonant point of the high impedance, the speaker can be connected in series with a series of LCR circuit, so that the series resonant frequency and fo equal to the use of series circuit resonance impedance characteristics of small, reduce the divider load.

high frequency compensation

In order to curb high-frequency impedance rise, but also the RC series circuit and then both ends of the speaker