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No custom money to teach you how to break the election for your own headset

Many friends are sure to have headphones experience, whether listening to music or watching movies, I observed that many of my friends are using mobile phones and original headphones, the most common is the Apple phone + headset this one. Listen to the author is using a mobile phone, listen to songs more casual, no requirement for the quality of the outdoors, buy headphones mainly look at the appearance, and then is comfort, and finally is the sound quality. According to the author's experience, headphones can make the first two good sound quality generally not bad. I think buy headphones to buy according to their own situation, because the sense of hearing is relatively difficult to accurately describe. The voices I heard describe the subjective feelings in my own words, and the music lovers read it again with their own understanding, so the conclusions drawn may be biased. You want to buy the headset, the basic will appear in the major audio show, if exactly you want to buy, sit directly in the studio audition on the cheap beats headphones line. After all, this headset may beats by dre studio cheap beats by dr dre be with you for a long time in the future, so it is better to do more contrast auditions to determine the headset you want to start with.

The price of headphones is also an important consideration. I think the better price on the headset to buy the most expensive you can afford the range, a little beyond the budget does not matter. In the future, when you listen to something, you will feel ritual and listening will be more careful. You will also beats earbuds be able to develop a sense of hearing when listening to other headphones. So in the final analysis, before choosing how to change the headset clear their needs? I have also given many friends to buy headphones suggestions, summary here, I hope you can pick some of the headphones help.