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New headphones shrill? Burn machine success or failure of the hero

For music enthusiasts like me, life travel can not leave the music, the headset is essential, but many times the headset just bought back when they feel depressed ear-piercing sound quality, almost think it is the quality of the headset, and later found out that it was To be completed in the burn machine to play the real good sound quality headphones, it is beats headphones on sale no wonder that the more headphones are more comfortable with the ear. Then the headset burn machine need to pay attention to what can be better play headphones high school low frequency it? Here to answer everyone's confusion! How long to burn in the machine to burn? First play gentle music such as piano music with a normal volume cycle play 5-7 hours, the middle stop 1-2 hours, three times; then let beats by dre studio the equipment to rest for a day, and then play a big difference in style of the song; and then rest for a day, and then Play rock and roll those fast electronic; Finally, the normal volume of continuous play for 12 hours. beats earphones It will take about a week to complete the burnout. Burn machine on the music format requirements? Suggest to choose the burning machine APE or FLAC lossless music format.

Headphones cost-effective, high-value appearance is very cool to keep returning, wearing out friends have asked where the headset can buy. As one of the four flagship headphones, powerful bass treble loud and clear highlight suitable for listening to pop and female, but also to replace the ear and tuning stick to upgrade for music enthusiasts. Rock bass headphones for listening to classical music, jazz and blues, for my music loving a wide range of music fans, this headset has two audio conversion switch is very convenient, off work on noisy The environment prefers warmth and bass sound, while sports like bright mids and treble can drive rhythms. For me, this ear is relatively small to wear very comfortable, even if worn throughout the day will not feel pain in the ears, daily used to listen to songs, play games, and listen to cool on the phone, beats headphones on sale especially For my heavy music lover, its flat headphone cable is more durable, it is not easy to wrap in the backpack, and it is convenient to go out and carry it. Headphones are very suitable for the process of wearing sports wear, sweat during exercise is not easy to fall, especially to go running like shaking is not easy to fall off. Sweating is very worried when headphones will be damaged, but fortunately this headset is really designed for sports, wearing a long time moving sound quality has no effect.