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Musicians please cherish their ears, because it is very fragile

Musicians please cherish their ears, because it is very fragile: prolonged exposure to noise pollution, hearing fatigue and can not be restored, the inner ear organs may be made of organic nature of the disease, that is, noise deafness. Professional point is the long-term hearing threshold offset. Noise pollution everywhere, prolonged exposure to noise pollution, hearing fatigue and can not be restored, the inner ear organs will be possible to send the nature of lesions, that is, noise deafness. Professional point is the long-term hearing threshold offset. If the sudden exposure to a very strong noise, the auditory organs will be a sharp trauma, this time the tympanic membrane will burst bleeding, located in the inner wall of the labyrinth of the labyrinth of the spiral device will occur under the basement membrane acute peeling. If this happens, it will completely lose hearing, that is, violent deafness. The above symptoms of modern medicine have no effective method of treatment or rehabilitation to the same level before injury. You have to read this article, to understand the noise around you. If you are in the following environment, and do not have a good listening habits and protective measures, it really is listening to a little less. Take the bus or subway with ear plugs this song is more common, a catch a lot. May someone say, as you mean, not deaf Indeed, I have seen a report, the English, I looked at also strenuous, probably means that: from 1955 to the present, people around the world hearing down an average of 40 decibels, the more developed countries , The more the drop. I talk about a phenomenon we all encountered. When you are in a quiet environment, your player is not only need to open to half the size or less can let you hear, and in the bus you need to adjust the volume to a larger or even larger? This is a lot of people have encountered, but no one deeply studied. We regard any noise in the process of driving as a background sound, the player to play the music as the foreground sound. When the background sound exceeds the foreground sound, we must take the foreground tone to achieve the purpose of smooth songs. If you suddenly hear more than 70 decibels in a quiet environment, your auditory organs will produce pain, to warn the brain, the auditory organs can not stand, the brain will be issued to other organs of the body instructions. So you will feel frightened or upset. This is a normal physiological response. And the human auditory organs have a very adaptable characteristics, if the sound size to a certain ladder-like rise, the human ear will be very fast to adapt. How fast is it? 2.3 seconds. You are not wrong, the beats headphones on sale ear can be 2.3 seconds for a cycle to adapt to the size of the 10dB-50dB sound growth. After a professionally trained sound engineer can consciously distinguish between 4dB or less of the sound difference, and can remember up to 1 hour. That is to say you give Youcan put a 50dB size of the drum drum sound, you smoke and drink nonsense for an hour, you give him the same military drums but the size of 54dB, he can accurately tell you, the volume is big. But in the unconscious environment, and the volume growth cycle is irregular, anyone will fall into a phenomenon called instantaneous increase in volume and no ear pain in the phenomenon. This is caused by a brain instruction that Western scientists call the cocktail effect. Let you only notice the sound you want to notice. Sound through the brain, will be divided into foreground sound and background sound. When you listen to the music in the earplugs, from the office into the elevator, from the building to the outdoors, from the road to the bus station or subway station. The noise will be getting bigger and bigger, and you only notice your foreground sound, the background sound is filtered out by your brain. When you walk into a different environment, you will slowly increase the volume of your player so that you can hear the songs you want to hear, when you get on the subway or bus, when the car starts. Background noise plus your player's voice, maybe really 130dB. Do you say that your ears can bear it? If you use a closed headset to listen to songs, it really can be better, because the headset can effectively block the external noise, so you do not have to keep your player volume. But in recent years, a variety of businesses selling expensive expensive noise reduction headphones is not to reduce the use of environmental noise. Specifically what is the noise, then you have to ask those businesses.

Too small room monitor speakers loud volume is too large for this is a bad news for music workers. A mysterious beats earphones oriental artist once said: the volume of your work when the size of the indirect response to your deafness. Yin three eyes may be no qualification in terms of standard monitor volume. And those who are in close contact with me, I have seen things to see things or songs are known, my monitor the volume of its very small. They can not stand, you can not hear, ah, what are you listening to? "I replied:" You are deaf. "First beats headphones cheap of all, I did not because beats earphones the protection of the ears and take the initiative to put small volume. I just like to listen to high frequency and low frequency attenuation is reduced by the sound. And most of the monitor speakers in the low state of work will occur in low frequency and high frequency frequency response curve attenuation phenomenon. I was running this move. But you can not say that because of the need for a good frequency response curve and blindly amplify the sound, you take your own ears joke. Higher state should be the eyes of the code, and the hearts of no code. Listen to hear it does not matter, the mind has a standard on it. (Of course, these words you can be used as a bragging, for those who have the ability to try. Most people agree with the standard monitor volume is about 95dB, but I want to tell you that this is the standard speaker monitor volume, at this volume , The cone and amplifier of the speaker, the mechanical part and the circuit part of the operating state are better, but people in this environment for 25 minutes will be very tired. How to solve there are many ways, such as away from the speaker, find the right The distance is about 1.5 meters away, this is related to the low-frequency wavelength of the radius. You sit close, and then open the volume or low frequency can not hear the value of too lazy to turn, are a few years ago to learn textbooks If you do not have a big place in the studio, what you need to do is put your computer case into another room.You can feel it, when you work, the house Of the noise reduction for you is how important things. Noise is small, you monitor the volume of the speaker naturally small.