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Music enthusiast's preference

For music enthusiasts, it is important to beats earbuds have a headset that combines both the value and power. Dancing notes and wonderful melody always blunt impetuous and arrogant, all the restlessness and depression can be thrown behind, the mood has become suddenly clear. Very suitable for sports wear headphones, not only when wearing very comfortable and sports can not afford to go crazy, enjoy sweat at the same time you can enjoy the sweet melody. 12mm large moving coil loudspeaker, large diaphragm moving coil cavity, 5D true surround sound, so you seem to be in the live concert. The material of the earphone adopts the soft holster, which is more fit to the human ear canal without pressure. It is worth mentioning that, it changed the market online headset easy winding characteristics, the use of automatic storage design features, the use of more comfortable, convenient, listening to music mood are better yet. Elastic cicada wing diaphragm material design, interpretation of the details, to express a more delicate and rich music. Ergonomic design, crafted technology, smooth lines, to create an elegant and stylish appearance. The headphone shell with nano-materials, sweat better and difficult to fall off, spend every night with you.

Subwoofer headphones, integrated sound chamber, 5 micron diaphragm, even tiny details can be heard, effectively expanding the flexibility of the sound. Full of music, full explosive, so you enjoy music, games, movies, music, live anywhere, get a machine. Do not look at its small body, compact body equipped with a large-caliber drive unit, 10mm high-performance iron boron unit, vibrating very tension, the sound playback and restore the maximum degree of being demonstrated. Sound resolution increased at the same beats headphones time, effectively expanding the low-frequency, IF clearly structured, high-frequency distortion. Headset beats headphones on sale body with beats solo a translucent jelly color, the appearance of popular gradient elements, as playing a first color variations, clear sense full. Headphone cable surface design is also very intimate, the reason it is a small gully surface to reduce friction and reduce annoying disturbing headphone wire winding.