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Moving iron copper ring headphone advantage you know?

Moving iron headphones have the inevitable value of their existence, in addition to the appearance of a great distinction between the senior mobile phone headset has been able to do the culmination of the frequency of the pole, this move the type of headphones are necessary Appear Dongguan Kang moving headset factory Xiaobian summed up its three major advantages: moving beats by dre on sale iron headphones can effectively protect the hearing, which is definitely not Xiaobian hearsay. As already mentioned, moving iron earplugs generally have a good sound insulation effect, coupled with moving iron headset quite good sensitivity, in fact, in the use of the process, simply do not need a lot of volume can feel the ultimate sound quality. Compared to moving headphones, moving iron sound insulation is clearly better. Because of the large area of ??the moving coil unit, and in the process of vocalization requires more space and air involved in vibration, so the leakage message is inevitable, even if the advanced HIFI headphones can not avoid this problem; Iron can effectively reduce the area of ??the ear part, and can be placed in the deeper part of the ear canal. As the structure of the ear canal relative to the ear is more simple, so most of the beats earbuds moving iron headset is used in the ear design.

According to a variety of professional equipment analysis, dynamic headphones in a variety of different environments, the frequency response curve will be a certain change, the other moving coil vibration diaphragm is generally only through the glue and coil, the internal individual differences. And the stability of the movable iron is dynamic beats by dr dre can not match, the reason, moving iron units are almost entirely made of metal materials, through a high-precision mold a forming. So the performance of the unit sounds relative to the stability of a lot of stability. beats by dre Now a lot of headset factory has been added to the ranks of custom headphones, the so-called custom moving iron headphones, is able to completely according to each person's different ear to create personal exclusive moving headphones, such a custom service more satisfied with the individual DIY personality The pursuit, but also to better find their own that a moving iron headphones, from the low impedance of the single unit to the high impedance of the multi-unit headphones, players can also take what they need.