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Listening knowledge

How could it cause hearing loss?

We all know that our ears from the outer ear, middle ear, the inner ear of three parts, the outer ear to accept the outside sound, and along the ear canal caused by tympanic shock, the middle ear tympanic membrane caused by the vibration of the bone, stapes and anvil three small bone Vibration, the sound spread to the inner ear, the inner ear can produce nerve impulses, impulsive along the nerve into the nerve, so the sound of information reached the brain.

Our human hearing range is limited. Sound waves are measured by Hertz. The frequency of speech is 500 to 3000 Hz. Human hearing ranges from 20 to 20000 Hz. This range is much smaller than the hearing range of dogs and bats. People's hearing range will become smaller and smaller after middle age. So the majority of people on the age of hearing will decline.

But if the headphones are improperly worn or the headphones are not in good quality, beats solo the sound pressure goes directly into the ear and is centrally delivered to the thin tympanic membrane without any room for buffering, which stimulates the end of the auditory nerve and is extremely likely to cause hearing loss. But also cause some systemic adverse effects, the main symptoms of tinnitus, mild hearing loss, heavy hearing and ear pain, long-term accumulation and even cause permanent hearing impairment.

How does hearing loss affect quality of life?

The latency of hearing loss may have an impact on the performance of daily communication, work and social activities, and interpersonal relationships. If not active treatment, hearing loss may even lead to autism and depression.

As a result of long-term noisy environment caused by hearing loss not only began to be difficult to detect, and the damage caused by the usual is permanent.

So how many decibels beats headphones on sale beats by dre on sale are too high?

Under normal circumstances, when the human ear to hear the volume of 100 decibels, the longer the time can cause irreparable hearing impairment; when the volume up to 110 dB, enough to make the human ear hair cells died, severe cases can cause hearing loss disease.

In fact, any sound higher than 85 dB can cause hearing damage, because this damage depends not only on the size of the sound, but also depends on the length of time we contact it. Daily 8 hours 90 dB, enough to cause progressive and irreversible hearing impairment.

Through the volume comparison, we can easily see that we are too loud to listen to the time when the hearing is a great harm. Plus a lot of people who listen to Walkman often like to listen to the time, so that the damage to the hearing even more! 105 dB above the sound can permanently damage the hearing, but the market a lot of Walkman machine maximum volume is up to 120 dB, the equivalent of ambulance alarm. Institution recommended "60.60" indicator, that is, the volume as far as possible not to exceed the maximum volume of the Walkman 6%, do not listen for more than 60 minutes.

Many young friends are very fond of music, but also very much like to enjoy music with a Walkman, Walkman popular is to let a lot of friends to find the beats earphones carrier of music, but my dear friends, especially in the process of body growth, we are Enjoy the music at the same time, have to pay attention to their health ah!