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Listen to headphones, your music you call the shots

Good horse with a good saddle, good music, of course, need good headphones, so you enjoy the beautiful music. With the changes of the times, the net red anchor day advances bucket gold. This new career, so many people overnight from the sparrow into a phoenix, but now there are many platforms are also open live channel for the red shows their own talent, this time there is no good headphones how To show you the magnetic and sweet voice it. The headset can go with you, just turn on the power, close to your Apple phone, you can immediately complete the setup, while connected to your watch and computer. Class 1 Bluetooth technology makes it easier to listen to music wirelessly in your life. With a comfortable padded earmuffs to isolate the outside noise, so you like the immersive, better feel musicians want to convey the music. Built with durable, key metal components and carefully tuned to reproduce the fundamentals, a dedicated 45mm large-caliber drive unit with a voice coil structure and a magnet cheap beats headphones cheap beats by dre made of rare earth material restores detail , Showing a more real voice. At the same time also with copper clad aluminum voice coil structure, a substantial increase in performance, high fidelity to reproduce every detail of the music.

Semi-open studio monitor headphones combine the benefits of open and closed headsets with balanced ambient noise reduction, smooth and natural sound, delicate interpretation of each note, high-frequency clarity, no noise, convincing midrange, full bass No exaggeration, to bring you a higher quality of listening needs. High-quality headsets beats earbuds with avant-garde beats by dre designs, state-of-the-art high-quality dynamic coil loudspeaker unit for superior sound reproduction, compact bass and detailed treble, high sound pressure Level, providing excellent sound reproduction throughout the audible range and still capable of handling loud sound levels. Let you completely immersed in the music hall. As a senior musician, there is a dedicated and own monitoring headphones, it allows you to better grasp the dynamic rhythm of music, allowing you to create a more beautiful and moving melody.