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Laozha relish moving lines, moving iron What is the difference?

First of all, to explain the principle that occurred, moving coil unit and moving iron unit sound principle has a big difference. Moving coil unit is through the coil in the beats earphones magnetic field in the cheap beats by dre movement so as to drive the vibration of the diaphragm in the cavity of the headphone cavity to make sound. However, the moving iron unit moves through the magnetic field with a balance armature in an armature driving assembly, and then drives a structurally precise connecting rod to the center point of a miniature diaphragm to generate vibration and sound. Different sounding units and driving modes make the moving coil earphone and the moving iron earphone have different characteristics in terms of sound performance and the like. Among them, the dynamic headphones with convergence of the natural triple-frequency performance, music is very plentiful, while the sound is warmer. The moving iron headset resolution is excellent, transient performance is beats headphones cheap better than the moving coil, the sound is drier.

As for the iron ring headphones, from the name point of view we can see that this is a combination of moving coil unit and moving unit of the hybrid headphones. From creating the earrings on the first ring of iron headphones, the iron headphones are getting hot. The loop iron headset combines the features of a moving coil unit with a moving iron unit, but requires a very high level of manufacturing process and tuning. Brand one after another produced a variety of ring iron headphones, which makes the price of iron ring headphones for most ordinary users discouraged. As for the choice, Xiaobian want to say is that no matter is the purchase beats headphones on sale of any items, must be within their own budget to choose the most suitable for their own products. At the same time the experience is also the most important, do not be around the views of others, after listening to know what kind of headset is most suitable for themselves.