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How to make HIFI sound longer life?

A set of HIFI equipment expensive, how to make its longer life? The following is some basic knowledge of the daily maintenance and use of sound.

First, pay attention to temperature. Any electronic components have their own normal operating temperature. The normal operating temperature of the audio equipment should be 18 to 45 degrees Celsius. Excessive temperature is easy to burn the components or make the components prematurely, too low will reduce the sensitivity of some machines (such as tube machine). beats earbuds But as home use less than 20 degrees when not much, so we should pay attention to is the high temperature problem. For example, avoid direct sunlight, but also to avoid close to the heat source (such as heating), the summer should pay special attention to cooling and keep the air circulation, while doing dust work, dust accumulation is not beautiful, the same equipment cooling.

Second, good use habits. Boot the first CD, then the amplifier. Turn off the opposite. The reason is to avoid the instantaneous power of the CD boot power amplifier. At the same time to note that the switch sound, the amplifier to adjust the volume to a smaller. beats headphones on sale This is to protect the amplifier and the sound even in the wrong operation is not damaged. In addition, when the device runs out, the function keys to reset.

Finally talk about some of the use of errors. Some people think that in order to extend the life, it is better to use. This is actually a common sense error. Right under the premise of the machine often use not only do not have any damage to the machine, but can extend the life of the machine. In some wet and high temperature season, even if not, it is better to power the machine every day for half an hour, to avoid the speaker voice coil and a class of components of the transformer damp. If you do not boot for beats by dr dre a long time, some parts will be due to deformation caused by work disorders. And another taboo, is charged operation, which we should know when the PC with the hazards of live operation, the cat will not repeat beats by dre on sale here, only stressed that, whether it is wiring or even new equipment, be sure to ensure that the equipment Turn off, otherwise you will wait to buy a new bar