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How to effectively solve the problem of microphone whistle and noise

In the construction of a microphone system, we often encounter noise and howling problems. Here we specifically explain the practical solutions to these two problems 1, the noise problem; mainly in the absence of speakers in the case of audible noise , noise or current sound. 2, howling problem; mainly in the microphone gain can not be raised or raised the volume is not high, will produce acoustic feedback and produce howling. First eliminate external factors; cause current noise or noise problems, external factors are nothing but three, external audio equipment, excessive noise in the field, and system power supply problems. Let us eliminate one by one, first remove the external sound source, turn off all the microphones that are turned on at the scene, cut off the pick-up of the ambient noise, and then check whether the power source on the road has shared the same power supply with other large-scale power systems. Because if you share a power supply with other large-scale power systems, its use will greatly affect the current changes, and thus generate a current sound. beats by dre studio Gradually eliminate various issues of the internal system; in this step, I have organized my own common methods: the minimum system method; in our system, it is usually a combination of the pre-equipment, peripherals, and later stages. We first remove the peripheral equipment, for example: the mixer is connected to the amplifier, the amplifier is connected to the speakers to see if there is any noise. If so, we have also put down the mixer, and if so, it is the amplifier noise floor. , belong to the quality problem, can only change, because after all we are not repair equipment, huh, huh. If not, it is the mixer's settings are incorrect or quality problems, see if the gain is too large. If there is no problem cheap beats by dre with the minimum system, then it is certainly a pile of problems that have been abandoned. At this time, we must add peripheral devices one by one, and then check in detail whether it is equipment setting or quality issues. For example, if the noise reducer is adjusted properly, if the equalizer gain is too large, etc.......

Replacement method; In many projects, there may be more than one system, the same equipment may have two or more, we put the equipment out of the inspection to think that something is wrong for another room to debug the equipment is no problem, the same settings, If the problem is solved, it is a problem with the equipment. If the problem still exists, there are still other problems in the system. You haven't found it yet. We need to re-examine it carefully. Instrument measurement method; through multimeters, level meters and other measuring instruments, measuring speaker impedance, step-by-step device output levels are normal. Solve the howling problem; this problem arises because the sound of beats headphones on sale the speaker is transmitted to the microphone to form a loop, and after many times of amplification, cheap beats by dre the howling occurs. A better way is to physically block the path between the two. For example, if we use a microphone, we should use directivity rather than non-directivity (omnidirectional). In the process of use, the microphone should not be used as much as possible. Is facing the speaker. However, because there are multiple microphones, the placement of the speakers is fixed and cannot be changed. Then we can only use peripheral equipment to complete this function. For example, feedback suppressors, using smartlive to find howling points, on the equalizer, The corresponding frequency point is attenuated.