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How to buy a headset

With the increase in the number of enthusiasts playing headphones, headset manufacturers also introduced a variety of different types of headset products, ear, headset, ear hanging type headphones almost every quarter of new products have been released, They go to buy. Compared to the ear and ear hanging type, the headset to buy the difficulty will be slightly larger, because there are many factors that will affect the actual sense of hearing. Among them, wearing a headset wearing comfort, material structure and how to match, which beats headphones on sale will affect the enthusiasts in listening to the headset when the actual sense of listening. If you do not have a certain understanding and understanding, it is possible to have just bought a new headset wear tired, which ended up in the second-hand trading forum results. Therefore, the initial selection of headset enthusiasts, only in accordance with the budget requirements to pick often is one-sided. Then Xiaobian for everyone in detail about the headset on the selection of skills.

Headphones as long as it is comfortable to wear, long listening is not tired to make you immersed in the ocean of music. As the headset must use the head beam fixed balance, compared to the ear and ear hanging headset simple way to wear, wearing a headset wearing comfort is more important. If even with a headset has become a crime, it is better not to affect the wearing of headset wearing comfort, one of which is the material of the earmuffs. Generally in the low-end products for reasons of cost, more earmuffs are made of artificial materials, on the softness, skin-friendly and breathable conditions are the worst; and another relatively high quality It is commonly known as velvet fluff, it is a similar type of woven mesh structure, touch and breathability are good, but after absorbing sweat will become difficult to clean and reduce durability. Better material should be leather, and meticulous, breathable, and skin-friendly is also better, suitable for most people the ideal material.

In addition to the material of the earmuffs, another factor is the headset structure. Headset structure is usually one of the manufacturers to promote headset publicity, for example, portable headset will be light and foldable as a selling point, high-end headphones will emphasize the headset shell material on the impact of diaphragm sound. So in the choice before the need to balance the weight of the headset structure and the weight of the problem and the earmuffs, especially for those who can listen to the audience in the field, it is better to start from this point to consider. In addition to a handful of flat headphones and electrostatic headphones, most of the headset is a moving coil as the main unit material. This will lead to the same as the speaker, as long as the different diaphragm, voice coil, magnet, wire and other components will have different degrees of difference, and because the headset space is limited, so there will be headset manufacturers through the replacement of different Diaphragm material to improve sound quality. Commonly used PVC materials, the film will have regular wrinkles, thereby improving the high frequency extension and suppression of vibration; also some manufacturers will choose to plated with metal materials, low frequency dive and sound field has a lot of improvement.

In addition, the size of the unit is also related, based on physical principles, the larger the diaphragm size, the more bass curve can be flat and have better flexibility, the sound will show a better overall texture. General common headset diaphragm size is 30-40mm, while the more high-end products are at 50mm or greater. The last is about the choice of closed or open, two different structure of the headset, the sound characteristics of different. Closed structure because of the provision of adequate reflection of air pressure, in the performance of adequate low-frequency sense, but also reduce the leakage tone, so that the effect of passive noise. And open structure because there is no pressure is easy to create a relaxed natural sense of hearing, low frequency will naturally be less and will leak.

So in the choice of these two different structure of the headset before the need to start from the actual needs of everyone, such as sports and commute needs, should try to choose closed and semi-closed; in private space to listen carefully It is recommended to choose an open type. From wearing comfort, structure and materials to the on-demand decision, the above several ways are a good way to buy a headset, as long as we can carefully selected, then will soon find their own needs for the headset The