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HIFI Headset Selection Guide Tips

If you start from HIFI, please briefly introduce the classification of HIFI headphones:

According to the driver structure classification, headphones are generally divided into moving coil, magnetic, electrostatic and electret.

A. The moving coil earphone is the most common and most common earphone. Its driving unit is basically a small moving coil speaker. The vibration coil connected to it is driven by a voice coil in a permanent magnetic field. Dynamic headsets are relatively efficient, and cheap beats headphones most of them can be driven by stereo headphone output, and are reliable and durable.

B. The driver of the isomagnetic headphone is similar to the reduced flat speaker. It embeds the flat voice coil in a thin and light diaphragm, which, like a printed circuit board, can evenly distribute the driving force. The magnets are concentrated on one or both sides of the diaphragm, and the diaphragm vibrates in the magnetic field it forms. Magnet headphone diaphragms are not as light as the electrostatic headphone diaphragms, but they have the same large vibration area and similar sound quality. Due to the large mass of the diaphragm and the structure of the magnetic circuit, the efficiency of the headphone diaphragm is lower than that of the dynamic headphone. .

C. Electrostatic headphones have a light and thin diaphragm, polarized by a high DC voltage, and the power required for polarization is converted by AC power, and battery-powered. The diaphragm is suspended in an electrostatic field formed by two fixed metal plates (stators). When the audio signal is applied to the stator, the electrostatic field changes and the diaphragm is driven to vibrate. The beats by dre sale single stator can also drive the diaphragm, but the double stator has less distortion in the push-pull form. Electrostatic headphones must use special amplifiers to convert audio signals to hundreds of volts. By connecting a transformer to the output of a power amplifier, electrostatic headphones can also be driven. This solution was used in static headphones in the 60s and 70s of the last century. Widely used, it is a compromise to the costly cost of an electrostatic headphone amplifier, and the signal quality does not reach the level of a specially designed electrostatic headphone amplifier.

Electrostatic headphones have a sophisticated structure and require high materials, and they are mostly manually assembled and debugged. beats by dre studio Therefore, they are expensive. Electrostatic headphones due to the limited distance between the stator and the diaphragm, the diaphragm's travel is limited, the sound pressure level can reach is not large dynamic headphones, but it's fast response, can reproduce all kinds of tiny details, distortion Extremely low.

D. The electret headset is also called fixed electrostatic earphone. Its diaphragm itself is polarized or polarized by the electrostatic field emitted by the polarized material outside the diaphragm. No special equipment is required to provide the polarization voltage. The electret headset has most of the characteristics of the electrostatic beats headphones on sale headset, but the electret will gradually depolarize, the volume becomes smaller, the performance is reduced, the diaphragm needs to be replaced, and its life is generally about 5 to 10 years.

Due to technological development and the limitations of production process and market demand, the most common earphone products on the market today are dynamic earphones and electrostatic earphones.