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Headset useless, music and even "kill" hearing?

While we have a cell phone, we also have headphones. In the dead of night to listen to a quiet song, listen to the wonderful song; when a friend fell asleep wearing a headset watching a few beats earbuds episodes of the TV series, to appreciate the way of life on the road; headphones in life is also essential, It can reduce the quarrels that occur in most of life. Do you know if the headset is not harmful? We all know, buy headphones we will choose the original, but whenever asked the reason, but no one can really answer up, just say with a good chant! So, what is the difference between original headphones and general headphones? Original headphones are all through the manufacturers of various debugging, the experiment can be with their own brand of fit headphones, in the use of natural than the general headphones better. And now, people who are getting worse and worse are growing faster. Caused the attention of the relevant experts, so after some research to find that people are now hearing almost half of the reasons why the headset is not using the correct reasons. Original headphones are more expensive, but the general is different, the difference between half the price even more, leading to consumers more easily select the general headphones and thus affect the hearing problems.

In the top of the phone, whenever the use of headphones to listen to the time, the system will appear the maximum volume of 80 tips. However, this prompt will be overlooked in many cases, in fact, this cheap beats by dr dre prompt is the most suitable for our hearing a prompt. 70-80 is a volume that our ears can accept, so we should not ignore this problem later. And each time wearing a headset when the best in an hour after the off to let the ears take a proper rest. , It has a comfortable ergonomic design. Military industry version of the noise reduction technology to enhance the clarity of call and sound quality of the original degree. But also when you exercise can also effectively prevent beats by dre on sale the inflow of sweat, the details are also very good. Both in terms of value or performance can be said to meet the requirements of women. Tilt ear design for the ears to bring a more comfortable experience, three models of silicone ear to the user more intimate choice.

Comfort is an important factor in wearing a headset, using silicone earbuds to do a long time wearing a lot of comfort, so many users have applauded for this. And sound quality is the internal experience of the headset is an important factor, allowing users to listen to the real vocal experience. Imitation of biological technology to make it more real and beautiful sound.