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Headset "metaphysics" analysis: What do we listen to in the end?

Say "ear receipt", in addition to the objective of the headset measurement curve and a variety of parameters, the roommates still have to listen to more than to compare, it is more likely to choose a favorite and their own headphones. Today, I would like to share with you when we listen to the headset, we should pay attention to experience several feelings. Here with the mobile phone portable Xiaobian together to find out about the relevant content of it The presence of the feeling is that we are listening to music, immersive feeling. When the headset to play music, let us feel that they are sitting in the concert hall, or live live, which shows that the headset look better and sense of space is to let us further feel the size of the music recording site space. Different room reverberation time is not the same, such as symphony concert hall reverberation time than the studio to long. Each type of music has its suitable reverberation sense, when the music recording production selection of the appropriate reverberation, headphones to do is to accurately express this feeling, so as to rebuild the appropriate size beats earbuds of the sense of space.

When the human ear receives the sound, it will be constructed by the brain to hear the virtual "image", we call the sound image. Sound to reach the left and right ears of the time is different, this is our important position to determine the sound position. Positioning, as the name suggests, is the sound "set in there." Good positioning so that we can quickly and clearly locate the sound from which direction and location. Positioning the feeling of drift is like a summer asphalt road, this time if you walk on beats headphones the road, will feel the front of the objects are fluttering, listening to the location of the instrument due to poor positioning will also exist this floating feeling The From the near sea to the distant mountains, layers of superposition, the boundaries between each other clearly, this is the embodiment of the sense of hierarchy. In music is the case, a good headset is like a good equipment and deep skills of the photographer, whether it is full of bass, solid midrange or bright treble, can be a layer to be displayed. Music in the low frequency can be seen from near to far the same scene, at a particular moment, only one voice is the protagonist, while the other sound as a background set off, which the headset frequency response to a higher degree of balance requirements.

Most of the musical instruments and vocals are concentrated in the low frequency and intermediate frequency, so when the frequency response of the headset lacks low frequency, it sounds like the sound is very dry and weak, it should be missing The heavy feeling. Feeling, the singer seems to be holding his throat in the singing, the voice of the original hoarse and chest resonance can not hear, and feel the sound tight and hard. The clarity of the music and the clarity of the photo is similar to a good camera or photography techniques to make the scenery correct and clear imaging, photos in a variety of details can be seen very clearly. Similarly, a good headset should be able to clearly reproduce the details of the music. High-definition headphones, can clearly hear the sound of each instrument playing, and even the singer's voice and articulate the lips and teeth are very clear. When the resolution is poor, you will feel the photo to do soft focus processing, the sound sounds like a paste, who can not tell who is the. When the headphones of the low frequency too much, and the high frequency is insufficient, it will affect the clarity of the sound. The brightness of the sound mainly reflects the performance of the high-frequency headphones, musical instruments and vocal sounds, although not so high, but their overtone are basically in the high frequency. If the middle of the high frequency cheap beats of the lack of headphones, it sounds like being closed in the box to play the same, muffled, can not open or get out. And good headphones is that the "box" removed, all the sound was released, more bright, more penetrating. The above is a few of the more commonly used terms in the sound quality evaluation, in fact, there are many more detailed evaluation of the sound quality, covering more comprehensive terms. After all, sound quality evaluation is a more subjective thing, a bear's chest B of arsenic, burning friends or to listen more to try to determine their favorite music style and tuning style.