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Headset maintenance have to know

Although the current headphones work in the spirit of excellence, but it can not resist the routine careless friends, whether it is the headset wire, plug, or folding and important unit parts require careful maintenance of friends, so as to Let your friends use the headset longer life expectancy, so that friends can listen to more wonderful music. The volume of the headset must be controlled, which can be said that the user most likely to make mistakes headphones, because many users like to open the volume of the headset to the maximum, so while listening to more enjoyable, but the greatest harm to the ear, Will also cause some damage to the diaphragm, in severe cases it will burn the voice coil, resulting in inevitable losses. Away from the strong magnetic field and humid environment, which is the most basic knowledge when using the headset, the strong magnetic field will cause some sensitivity to the sensitivity of the headset, causing irreparable damage to the sound quality of the headset. The humid environment will make headphone unit pad rust, ear headphones will be a serious bias, so this point friends have to pay attention. Headphone wire friends must pay attention to protection, like sweating after the usual headphones to wipe the sweat off the line, otherwise it will cause some corrosion of the wire headset, and when using the headphones as far as possible away from the fireworks, whether it is Burned out of the wire or the ear shell beats by dre this loss is absolutely irreparable. In winter, the protection of wire and earphone is more important because the temperature in winter is lower. This lower temperature will make the wire of the earphone more vulnerable. If it is not noticeable, it will appear outside. After using the headset into the warm room, this change in temperature is more likely to cause the headphone cable and cell aging. Sleeping time with the headset really hurt, because friends fell asleep when unconsciously stand up or move, this time if you wear headphones, the wire will cause some winding or crush the ear shell, etc., this time It does not matter if the headphones are broken, and if you hurt yourself you do not have to pay for it, so even if friends are used to listening to soothing music when they fall asleep, be sure to take the headset down before going to sleep.

In fact, plug the plug can be said that our daily lives among the most easily overlooked, because many people do not know the headset plug actually still has a lot of knowledge in it, the plug not cheap beats by dr dre only play the headset connected Role, but also the surface of the plug plated with a layer of metal, many expensive headphones will choose gold to their own plugs to play a very good role in reducing the impedance. Friends ignore the plug in your daily life may cause damage to the plug quickly, just as plugging the plug beats headphones on sale may wear the surface of the plug, this may cause irreparable damage to the sound quality of the headset. Therefore, friends should try their best to reduce the number of plug plug, to better protect the plug beats by dr dre on the coating. Friends in the daily use of headphones do not know if you have encountered unilateral headset ear problems, it is likely because friends get the plug by pulling the wire by hand caused by the soldering loose of. In fact, the headphone wire connected with the plug part although there is a layer of rubber to be fixed, but inside it is still very fragile, friends plug the plug must pay attention when holding the plug and then plug to avoid this Happening. Plug should try to avoid the contact is too humid or in the case of larger temperature difference, the above tips are introduced, this situation will accelerate the oxidation of the plug, plug plug if you talk about the rapid plug, it may cause the plug Poor contact, so that the life of the plug greatly reduced.

Headphone maintenance knowledge of the wire articles With the winter approaching, the headset wire is also more vulnerable, and now many headphones are still using the traditional wire rod material, this preheat easy to melt the cold becomes very Fragile material for the maintenance of the wire rod headset also need our attention, let us look at the maintenance of the headset wire in the end we should pay attention to what it! Headphone wire parts must be far away from sweat and other corrosive effect on the wire things, although the weather has gradually turned cold, but after exercise there will still be sweat, etc., this time we must note that if there is sweat on the wire to be timely Wipe, do not give them the chance to hurt our fragile wire! In winter, if the headphone cable leak in a cold environment for a long time, it will make the headset wire becomes very fragile, if at this time as usual, friends will be the same as the headphones wire these laps housed easily cause Wire damage, this is my friend is more attention. When storing the wire easily overlooked issues should also be noted that the time of admission, friends must not use the tough way to fold the headset wire, it will cause the headphone wire skin cracking, etc., or cause some of the internal wire of the headset The damage that caused the headphones did not ring. After that we take a look at the most important part of the headset, which is the unit part of the maintenance and precautions should be used when using the headset. One of the most important parts of the headphone unit is its diaphragm, which can also be described as the weakest part of the headset in addition to wire, the maintenance of this part is one of the most easily overlooked places friends.