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Headphones use bad, your ears can not stand!

We use the headphones in modern life more and more, not knowing if we use the headphones will seriously damage our hearing, according to the survey, now about 20% of young people hearing impairment, it is possible after 40 years of age, Hearing will appear degenerative lesions, 20 years cheap beats by dre earlier than normal, wrong use of headphones is one of the important reasons for injury hearing. Can not use large volume to listen to music, long time to use large volume to listen to headphones, not only will damage the hearing, headset life will be shortened. Experts suggest that when using headphones in noisy environments, 75% to 80% of the volume is the maximum volume that the ear can accommodate. In the environment is not too noisy, the volume control in the best 50% to 60. If you always use the headset, then the best use of the headset, because the headset is covered in the ear, and the ear contact area is relatively large, in addition to the sound through the air, but also through the skull spread, so hear The same volume of the case, the tympanic membrane pressure will be smaller, the stimulation of cochlear cilia cells will be relatively small. Another point is in the noisy environment, the best choice of ear headphones, in the same environmental conditions, flat head earplugs in the noise of 5 to 8 decibels, headset sound in 15 dB, while the earphones in the sound insulation 20 dB. In a noisy public place, to beats by dre studio achieve the same listening volume, you need a better soundproof headphones to reduce cheap beats by dre the amount of sound required to protect your hearing.

In the music world feel good voice, shocking good headphones dedicated to love music people pleasant, meticulous analysis, professional wire headset, reduce sound loss, restore the real sound, give you the enjoyment of the sounds of nature For music, Wearing a music headset, home can also follow the pace of music, experience a flexible music rhythm. This headset has a sophisticated process design, and through the 40mm high fidelity unit settings, showing a powerful bass performance. Headphones are very delicate and flexible one headset, ear hanging cable to provide suitable for anyone to wear, to ensure that the headset can be fixed in place, fine close to the ear sets can provide a good beats by dre studio sound isolation. So whether it is sports or rest, this headset can create your own beautiful sounds of the song.