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Good sound quality speaker, take beats by dre you to enjoy high-quality sound

Fashion cool design, bring you a new visual enjoyment. Horn using modern bionic design concept, science and technology full of Hawkeye appearance, sharp and God, the speaker with a spectrum of lights, can change with the frequency of music, bring you a cool music enjoyment. Pure wooden box, with black leather design, give you a scholarly incense and gorgeous double audition experience. The dual-sounding mid-to-high and beats by dre studio mid-tweeter front speakers feature a stereo with three speaker units that give you 360-degree stereo sound and immersive sound experience. With dual alarm clock technology, both audio and alarm clock, let it awake sleeping you, add more convenience for your life. Built-in Bluetooth function, compatible with most of the electronic products on the market, more convenient to use. Stylish and compact design, to bring you great portability, with intimate handle design, so you can always carry out, whether it is family gatherings or seaside camping, it can help you to fully enjoy the music band Come to the fun. With black, red and white three colors to choose from, so you can choose according to their own preferences, with their own music style. Increased output power, can bring you real performance, bring you immersive listening experience. Built-in semitone tuner, but also eliminates the hassle of carrying another tuner, to bring you simple and easy music to enjoy. With only six AA batteries, you can bring you up to 25 hours of music playback time, bring you more long-term music companionship, wherever you go there are music.

Suitcase style, with white, rich retro wind blowing in the hands of more distinctive. He weighs only 3 kg, with guitar strap style handle, you can easily take it to any place you want to go. Retro high bass adjustment knob allows you to freely adjust your favorite sound style. Show your unique personality. Speaker with double 3.5mm audio cable, with the market, the mobile computer audio connection. It has two built-in tweeter and a four-inch woofer, bass part of the performance is amazing, built-in lithium-ion battery life of up to 20 hours, allowing you to break the shackles of the cable, more fun and freedom, enjoy every corner. So you can experience the shocking sound at any time, so rock does not stop. Stylish and simple appearance and streamlined design style brings you a more comfortable feel. More in line with the taste of minimalist needs, fresh and natural, the box with aluminum structure, lightweight and durable, easy to carry, you can bring to whatever you want to go, but also be able to integrate into beats earbuds a variety of decoration style Space, easily with all kinds of furniture, highlighting the noble temperament.