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From which aspects of evaluation headphones sound quality is good or bad?

Air refers to the movement of music in the sound field, used to express the treble of the open, or sound field in the musical instruments between the interval of the acoustic terms. Audio equipment quality is not good, the air will be more dirty. Refers to the audio equipment can reproduce the minimum frequency. Is used to determine the extent to which the sound system or speaker can be dive to the beats by dr dre extent that the bass is reproduced. For example, the low-frequency subwoofer low-frequency extension can go to 40Hz, while the large subwoofer is dive to 16Hz. Low-frequency extension of the deep, moving times feel more shocking. Similar to the visual effects brought by the home theater, in the auditory, we can also feel at home also like sitting in the concert feeling. Generally when the music base frequency is higher than 500Hz beats headphones on sale or more, it will become clear beats earbuds up, even as high as 7500Hz, we can not say beats earphones it is not bright, so the sound of the bright sense is a more general adjective. Bright feeling at 2800 Hz at the most obvious point. Bright and there is no problem, the live concert are bright voice, the key lies in the bright grasp of the sense of proportion, too bright (even howling) will let the listener resentment. Bright on the headphones is reflected in the sound crisp or not, how can the headphones to the sound of the original expression, the sound is rounded and there will be no harsh phenomenon, the total comes to the headset quality and sound.

Understand these, is not in the understanding of music on a layer of new knowledge it. In the future selection of headphones, I believe we can from all aspects of the headset headphone sound quality performance and the ability to deal with the details, choose to more favorite headphones, no longer afraid of being pit.