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Following the Bluetooth headset, bone conduction Bluetooth headset to fire?

In recent years, we have seen a lot of strange shape of the Bluetooth headset (headset, ear hanging or ear plug type). The headphones through the bone conduction technology to pass the sound, usually you can put beats by dre wireless it like a ring on the same finger in the need to listen to the sound when you need to finger into the ear, in addition to it But also support the custom message notification and other functions.Therefore, many people may still do not understand the bone conduction headphones, cheap beats by dre first of all, what is bone conduction? As the name suggests, bone conduction refers to the sound through the bones of the vibration spread to the human auditory nerve, it Is a way of conduction of the sound. The scientific point of view is: bone conduction through the sound into different frequencies of mechanical vibration, through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph fluid transmission, screw, auditory nerve, auditory center to transmit sound waves With respect to the conduction of sound waves through the diaphragm, bone conduction eliminates the need for many acoustic transmission steps to achieve a clear sound reduction in a noisy environment, and the sound waves do not affect others due to the spread in the air For a long time, bone conduction headphones are mainly used in medical, military, scientific research and professional sports , The civilian consumption is rare (and the price is more expensive.) Our daily use of headphones, whether it is headset, in-ear or wireless Bluetooth headset, mainly through the air conduction way to sound waves spread to the ear There will be a small part of the bone conduction.) In this process, the outside world a lot of noise and noise will be followed to the auditory nerve, for example, in the subway, you have to adjust the volume of the headset to cover the noise to hear the music, although this Hearing is very bad.

Bone conduction headphones are different, it does not need air conduction, but through the skull to the auditory center, the transmission process almost no noise and beats solo noise, so the sound is much better than the air conduction, even a small volume can be heard. Also in the way of wearing is also very different, bone conduction headphones generally use ear hanging and hanging design, wearing two left and right vibration unit is located near the temple, the ears are completely open. See it may be someone here will ask: "That bone conduction headphones sound effects is not very bad?" Yes, it does not have any sound effects, use, the outside world can hear the sound, so you do not have to worry about walking When the song was knocked down by the car. And this is exactly one of the main uses of bone conduction headphones, safe. Why do deaf people go out when using bone conduction headphones / hearing aids, or safe it! However, for those who listen to the traditional Bluetooth headset users, wear bone conduction headphones instantly feel the sound quality strange. First of all, the low frequency almost can not feel, IF and high frequency is not very obvious, but relative to the weak weak low frequency, the sound clarity is good. In addition, when the headset vibration module close to the ear, the sound quality will be better, but overall, bone conduction headphones in the sound quality and traditional headphones can not be compared. If you intend to listen to songs for the purpose of buying bone conduction headphones, I advise you or save the heart of it.